Update On Everything!

So he graduated November 30th, and he came back to Oklahoma on December 7th and stayed until the 24th.. Christmas Eve); it was the worst thing ever hugging him for the last time for 4 months! but he went to his Parents house in his Colorado springs because his dad is in the Army. Then he left there on Jan. 2nd and go there at 11 and then I only got to talk to him for a few more hours. Then I couldn't talk to him until Saturday but only from 11.45 to 7.45 then he had to put his phone up. On Sunday I talked to him on Sunday from 11.45 to 6.
And now.... I can't talk to him until the 26th and I absolutely hate it... :(
But after that I get phone calls every night and get to talk to him all day EVERYDAY! IM SUPER EXCITED.. Feb 5th he graduates! <3
Marinegf4 Marinegf4
18-21, F
Jan 8, 2013