So, I usually have a new years resolution that don't end up lasting.
But this year, I made a few resolutions.
1)Stop drinking pop
2)Run more
3)My Biggest and hardest one---Quit smoking.
I want to be able to say I met all my resolutions before I'm married.
Chris and I are getting married in November, so I have about 10 months until our wedding.
It's just hard to quit these things when he still drinks pop and smokes..
But do you guys have any pointers, or things I can fill in when I need a caffeine or nicotine kick??
It would be a HUUUGE help!!!
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2 Responses Jan 8, 2013

If you can, i'd recommend the nicorette (sp?) gum if you have a hard time kicking the nicotine...that was like the only thing my friend tried that finally helped her kick that habit. For caffeine though, when i first kicked the habit i kept advil on hand for the withdrawal headaches i get and if you miss the carbonation try carbonated water with lemon...i do just water with lemon most of the time though...and if i do get a cheat drink i go for sweet tea so i don't break my no soda rule. I've also seen people that chew bubble gum or eat something like pretzels mindlessly to keep themselves occupied when they're craving a cigarette. and i definitely agree with storm on the mind over matter thing

I've quit smoking twice already.. and ended up picking it back up-first time because I was stressed and felt the urge to smoke, the second time because it's hard to be at college parties where majority of people smoke while you're trying to quit. So I just started it back up. But the caffeine thing won't be too hard, just gotta get past those headaches... But I'll def try the advil and carbonated water! thank you!! :)

I've never smoked but my brother and sister in law did and i basically watched her go through it like all addictions its up to you to kick it mind over matter Sam started running more when she quit and she constantly had those carrot sticks with her she also went cold turkey i dont think she's touched a ciggerette in nearly 4 years but still has cravings so she has a carrot stick they just become less and less - so link quitting with your running they pretty good resolutions good luck!!

I feel like mind over matter is easier said than done.. lol But I tried to quit cold turkey twice..didn't work. =/ But I'll have to try the carrots or pretzels! And the fact that the sooner I quit the better off I'll be when I run! Thankss :)