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Hello lady's!!! Hope you are all having an awesome day....Sooo its been a long week I started school yesterday:/ It has been hard to keep a smile and try to continue life but I have to be strong and continue. Since he has been gone for a week now. Boot camp wasn't only a training for my Marine but also as for me. Its hard to look at my phone  and see his last texts and his last pictures. I cry and just try to remember all the happy moments we had... I been thinking though how everything is going to be as he leaves and becomes more independent. Am scare he might change a lot or Idk how I might take him been far away. Am going to barely graduate high school which makes it a lot harder. Any one with the same problem???
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My Fiance left on the first, so he has been gone for a week as well. I am not a high school senior but instead a college freshman. He is in MCT now so we dont get to talk since they took away the phones. I read the same texts from him over and over again. As long as your relationship is strong and you are both dedicated to making your relationship work things should work out fine. Not everyday is gonna be easy. I got so use to him being back that when it came time to say our good byes I was broken, I cried all the time and was nearly depressed. I have found that finding small things to look forward to helps alot. Ex. I may not see my marine for another five months but I look forward to smaller goals, like next weekend I hope to get a call, and then a week after that he gets his phone back and goes to mos school. Just occupy your time and try not to look at the length of time as a whole, it will make you crazy, take everything day by day and look forward to smaller things. You will see him soon enough. Spend lots of time with friends, I often wish that I didnt go away for college so that I would have my close friends around.

i know thats what am waiting for also. his at mct rite now as well and just hope he doesnt change as much. thank you yes, i try to stay bussy but you what the weird thing is that only when its like about to get dark. that i begin to cry or like idk i get llike anxious

For me the days are the hard part, because I am not currently busy because the college semester hasn't rolled around yet. But usually the nights are the toughest for me when i'm in school and have work. Its really hard right now because its like he disappeared. He was home for so long and now I haven't heard from him at all. I dont worry about him changing because even if he does change some I know that we will both still work out, because we always work out our problems. Right now my biggest fear is where he will be stationed, I am so scared of him going to Japan because that is the one place I can't go with, because we are planning to marry when he gets out of school.

awww i know thats how i felt after he left on new years. he was here for a whole month and now gone with out communication at all. i kinda do worry a little but i asked God to change him for better not worse. yes were both scare where he will be stationed at!!! and awww congrats!!! i told mine i didnt want to marry him until he was done. if its hard now imagine if i marry him.... i dod love him with all my heart, i want to be stable first and everything before taking a big step.

Jayson left on the first as well, he was home for maybe 45 days quite a while. We have been together since our freshman year in highschool, now I am in college so it only feels right to take that next step for us. But since you are still in high school waiting is probably a good choice, you can always change your mind later if you decide to. But I have only noticed good changes, he is much more polite and structured, and many more good things. So I don't believe you will have to worry about bad changes, he will change some and so will you but as long as you work together things will be fine. I am so excited tho to get married, quite a bit of the family is against it but they just don't understand, so we will have to prove them all wrong. I was also worried about stability but since he has been gone I have been working a lot and saving quite a bit of money. Once he is done with schooling I will be done with one year of college acctually the same month as him if I calculated correctly. And then I have to change schools anyways to starts a nursing program, and the school doesnt really matter just any community. It all seems to be working out pretty well for us, its just that station that freaks me out because if he goes to Japan that will ruin our plans. But I am hopeful that thing will be fine.

Awwww that's really cute!!!! I been with my marine my first day of 10th grade, but he was in 11th. It doesn't really matter though I love him and yes that's what I have told him many times. After he came back from boot camp and yes it was about 45 days he mature more on that subject. I also want to prove everyone that I can do it well to go college not sure what I want to do yet tho. hehehehe and hopefully you did calculated good but sometimes they do change date quite often. I know am really scare for him going to Japan also its too far!!!! Yes hopefully but I have heard that they do have to go places and that they can't stay more than 6 months in one place , but am not sure( at least that's what he has told me). Will see how things go and what God has prepare for us his the only that knows.

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Same problem. School started today and people made it their job to remind me he's gone and ask a billion question. I miss him so much and as i try to take my mind off of it i realize how hard it is. I don't know if he will change and realize i haven't changed at all :/ plus being a senior in high school has me drained. Be strong, you're not alone.
Here to talk whenever.

i know exctly how you feel i realized in the morning am not the only one with the same problem. sometimes tho its hard to open up to people about it. yes school its stresing me out!!