5 Years And Finally Dating The Day He Got Deployed

I meet my marine almost 6 years ago. We had crazy secudals and one of us was always dating some one else but we always had a little crush on each other. we talked every day for 5 years until he went to boot camp. While he was away my dad had to be put in the icu and the guy i was dating at the time dumped me and i needed my marine more then ever. Even tho he didnt have his phone i still texted him. To my suprise he called me a few weeks later as soon as he got his phone. We went back to talking every day and when he got his orders i got really upset because i was losing my best friend of almost 6 years and we had been threw every thing together. when he was on leave we hung out as much as possible before i had to go out of town and he had to get deployed. We saw each other every chance we got and started to fall for each other. I had to go out of town 4 days before he got deployed we stayed up as late as we could before he had to leave. When he left I couldnt help but cry he was my best friend of 5 years that i talked to every day had been threw every thing together and i was falling for him and he as falling for me. The day he got deployed he called me before gettin gon the plain and told me he was falling in love with me and ask me out. I have been talking to him as much as possible and this is one of the hardest things to do but im staying strong for him and i cant wait till he fianlly gets home.
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It's so close to my story its not even funny AJ and I dated in Iraq lol its was awesome!! No seriously we weren't even together and we'd been friends my whole life the day before he deployed he told me how he felt and i did too we dated in Iraq and got together when he got home and I've never looked back, I'm happier than I've ever been and truly married my best friend i couldn't ask for anything more!! i think the whole dating through a deployment really does put a lot of pressure on both of you because its not ideal but it's also like biggest picture of how life with a marine will be all it did for me however was just reaffirm that I knew with everything inside me that AJ was the one there was no denying it any more or trying to block because it was real and out there and denying how i felt wasn't an option anymore - good luck i hope everything works out for the best and i'm holding thumbs for you!!

First off i love your story and second your not alone me and my marine started dating one week before he got deployed but i feel closer and closer to him everyday.