Seperation Struggles

My man and I got into a small argument today because he said I don't talk to him. That I'm quiet on the phone and quiet on Skype. But to be honest, I don't have anything to say, he knows everything about my day (which isn't much).. The argument took a whole new turn and the bottom line was that he's scared. He's scared I will get bored and look elsewhere, or that one day I will think "why am I waiting around", and if something like that were to happen he would devastated. I tell him every day, all day how much I miss him and love him and how I look forward to him coming back from deployment and our future together. Idk what else to say to get him to understand that I'm not going anywhere, I'm waiting for him..
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2 Responses Jan 8, 2013

i've had that exact fight/conversation with my marine more times than i could tell you. and what i've learned is simply just to keep reassuring him. remind him the things you love about him and the reasons why you miss him, why you love him, and why you're not going anywhere. make future plans so that he can feel that seriousness. it's tough when you're apart and i'm like you he already knows about my day and everything and by that point if he doesnt have much to say there are just some days where i don't have anything of substance to say and if he's not in the mood for random topic conversation then he just gets frustrated and is like you're not talking you never have anything to say blah blah blah and basically i have to shut him up and be like look just because i dont have anything to say right now doesnt mean i'm gonna leave you. and he takes a while but then finally he's like oh, yeah i know that.

I understand his feelings because I feel that way about my BF who is in South Korea right now. I feel that he is going to look for that woman's touch. I do everything in my power so that he doesn't think that way of me because it is not a good feeling at all. If you are able to text him, then I would suggest sending him a text during the day to let him know you are thinking about him, you miss him or love him. If something reminds you of him let him know. You can even do it via email or Skype message. Just to give him that comfort that he is being thought about by you. When talking to him on Skype or over the phone talk to him about what's going on in the news locally or articles you have read. Send him pictures of different things you are doing.... This will make him feel that he is a part of your life through out the day and not just during the calls. I joined this site to help me express my feelings because I thought I was going crazy but it has helped me so much. Hope this helps some.