Oh All The Things To Happen

Tonight is definitely not my night!!! I wish Ryan was here so he could be with me right now. Sadly tonight in my way home from work I got in to a car accident, in totally fine physically, I'm just shaken up a bit, my car is damaged which sucks, but the good news is I'm not hurt and my kids were not with me, thankfully they are visiting their father so it was just me in the car
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Thank God youre okay and that ur kids were not in the car. Hopefully your better today!!! Take care!!! Be safe

After getting some sleep I am feeling better and I'm so thankful that my kids were not with me it's such a blessing that they are with their dad. I just wish I could get a hold of Ryan

yes you should try to get checked up by a doctor. well just calm down and when you do get to talk to him try be calm. i would problably bet he will ask how your doing. just be careful . another reason why i dont want to drive but i have to start learning to go places.

Yeah I'm trying to make sure I'm as calm as possible but my anxiety is still really bad. I did tell him to text me as soon as he could but I haven't heard from him just yet

awww at least you can text him and yes i can imagine how you are feeling right now.

Yes I'm lucky I can text him but haven't heard back from him yet. He would help my anxiety alittle cause he has before when I've been through an anxiety attack

aww thats great :) your luckiee

Yeah it just seems like when I need him most he's very difficult to get ahold of

so you havent heard from him?? where is he at right now??

No I haven't the last time we talked was Monday but my accident happened Tuesday night and I was trying to get ahold of him and he's in okinawa

awww that really sucks!!! and how do you handle that am so scare if they sent my bf there

Well I keep busy and I keep a book that I'm writin letters in to Ryan. And when we do get the chance to talk it makes things super easy but you have to find what works for both of you

yes i guess we will but always at the first steps are a lil rough

Exactly and now Ryan and I are coming to the end of his deployment so I'm looking forward to having him home

i know i just read your story makes me smile!!!! Thats great am soo happy for you!!!!:D

Aww thanks



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