I Got Too Use To Him Being Home.

My Marine and I are high school sweethearts. We met our freshman year and have been crazy for each other since. My fiance graduated boot camp in November, we were blessed because he was able to come home for forty-something days, which as you all know is not how it usually works. He was put on RA for the time he was home, it was perfect. I was able to spend nearly the entire time with him I woke up next to him, I was there when he got off of RA and I got to go to sleep with him at night. It all felt so normal again. We were given the chance to fall in love all over again.
I remember the first day I saw him on family day, he was so different, I had no idea what he was talking about half the time, he said things like, his go fasters, and his shower shoes, the Marine language. As our days together became fewer in number I realized that this extended time together was both a blessing and a curse. It was a blessing because we got to fall for each other as if it were are first time, we got to spend the holidays together, and we got the chance to talk about our life together. It was a curse because we were given the time to get use to being together again, to get comfortable , and the end snuck up on us so quickly.
Our last night together was new years eve, I tried to kiss him and touch him but was overwhelmed with tears, because of the realization that this would be our last night together, our kisses were now numbered and my ability to touch him would soon be gone. That next morning I took him to the airport, I saw the sorrow in his eyes and I watched the plane leave the runway. I sit in bed missing the way his dog tags would brush against my face as he leaned into kiss me, in bed, at night. I miss rolling over and finding his warm body to cuddle against. It is hard to go from having so much time together to now not being able to communicate at all. I long for the end of this month because he graduates MCT, and then he will have his phone back so that at least we can talk.
That is a very exciting moment for me because since he has been in I haven't received a single phone call. Im hoping to get one though next weekend.
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I know exactly what you mean. My Marine graduated the friday before Christmas, so he had a 30 day leave before returning to Camp P for MCT (1 1/2 weeks ago). I feel like I'm going through withdrawals. I dont sleep well anymore because I got used to him being there. And he is constantly on my mind. We are also engaged. So I have wedding plans on my mind, when I should really be focusing on finishing this last semester I have before graduating. I just cant wait till Feb 26th!!! And most of all, I cant wait to graduate so I can move and be with him.

The same exact thing is happening with me and my husband, and now i find myself getting all emotional like i did while he was in bootcamp..it can be really hard but i know i have to stay strong for the both of us...its hard to bring myself to remember this is only the beginning "/ Counting the days till he returns. I hope things get easier for you hun.

Semper Fi,
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Sometimes it feels like five months is so long or six months what ever the time may be. But in the end that is all nothing compared to a lifetime with him. I just try to remind my self that the time apart is worth it that its not gonna last forever and as long as i wait it out I will have a lifetime with the man I love.

I'm so glad you had all that time with him and I totally know what you mean it gets more bearable take one day at a time and now you get to look forward to those phone calls and letters stay positive and take one day at time!!

Thank you. That is what I try to do, just survive another day, and as time goes by it does get easier. It becomes easier to get through each day.