Sleep At Last!!!!

Hey Girls,
So it’s been a crazy here the festive season has officially made Hawaii gone mad – can anyone please explain why when people hear festive season and they literally loose any kind of common sense? You thinking oh please seriously I thought that too until I became a doctor‼ We working double shifts and half the patients that come in here I think how did that even happen or just feel like putting an out of order sign around my neck because really sometimes there just aren’t any words……… Because of this I’m pretty much working around the clock AJ’s working nights and we keep missing each other within seconds. On Saturday night we bumped into each other at our front door and he said, hey aren’t I suppose to be married to you lol he thinks he’s funny‼ surprising this has been going on for the whole of November, December and now January however the good news is I’m getting some kind of semblance of a normal schedule again but I’m still on call 24/7 so whether or not the ‘schedule’ is an actual schedule I have no idea‼ However Saturday seems to be my first free whole day since Christmas and we’ve decided to have a date day - I’m so excited really how AJ still manages to make me feel like I’m a little girl on Christmas day I have no idea‼   
Because our schedules suck eggs at the moment – more mine than his - I’ve noticed the slight role reversal between AJ and I because I’m crazy busy and look like an actual walking talking raccoon AJ has stepped up on the supportive role I’ve been at work since Sunday I think the longest I’ve actually spent at home was ten minutes for a quick HOT shower‼ Everyday AJ has come to the hospital to drop off food whether he sees me or not and leaves little messages on the plate just for me not smarmy messages things like ‘enjoy love A’ or ‘Grubs up sexy (I think? Haven’t seen you!) A - simple but sweet. He’s working nights at the moment but sends texts all the time and when I get the chance to respond or call I do just that not once has he got mad or stepped into stalker zone I’ve apologized a gazillion times and all he says is Stormy would you stop frigging apologizing do you not think that I’m the one person who will actually get it – point taken he doesn’t call because he knows that I’m busy and when I get a chance I will call him. Tonight I kind of got kicked out the hospital not that there was much of fight I was dying to sleep in proper bed before AJ left the house he made me a bath and cooked supper and lit a few candles I got to the driveway while he was reversing when I went over to his car he simply said don’t burn the house down see you later I got some kisses through the window then he shooed me saying at that rate he’d never leave we both laughed and he left I walked into our house thought wow its awesome knowing how much he actually supports us and me.
Why am I telling you this because here’s the thing I’m on the receiving end at the moment I know that I’ve been less than easy to live with and I know that it’s been hard on AJ because I’ve basically been neglecting him and not by choice still what strikes me more is how he’s stepped up to the plate once again in making sure I was alright or I was in the right frame of mind. Girls we all know how important it is to support our men what we don’t realize is how important it is for them for us to actually allow  them take control and support us I think my motto for a while there was ‘ I’m fine,’ until AJ said it’s my turn let me do this I did and I cannot tell you how good it feels to actually just let it all go and for once just focus on my job AJ’s loving every minute of it of it and I’m not lying we’ve been texting each other all night and I asked him how he was doing and his reply was ‘You don’t get to take this away from me yet I’m enjoying being house husband way too much while you at work it actually feels pretty awesome to just be human again. Besides I’m enjoying the supportive role way too much it’s got the creative juices following again – talk about role reversal! I could throw in a few miss and love you’s and it’ll be complete!’ All I’m saying is sometimes it’s nice to let go of the reins and hand them over to someone else we like to be in control because we have to be what I’ve realize is sometimes that’s not always possible and in those situations I know AJ is more than willing to take over‼ It’s a two way street AJ and I are on equal footing all the time however I know sometimes he needs me to step up and take control and sometimes I have to let him do it and visa verse its also the best reminder that the whole ‘appreciation’ thing is not that important at the end of the day I know it and that’s all that matters  I don’t want the thanks or the you awesome lines yes every now and then its awesome to hear but if I heard constantly it would get annoying its times like these I know without a shadow of doubt that what I do for AJ really does count‼
Alright I’m going to bed this whole post exhausted me I can actually hear my bed calling my name and hopefully Murphy is aiming his evil ways onto some other unsuspecting victims and I get some much needed hubby time but first need de-raccoon myself it’s really bad however right now I’m settling for some much needed Ziggy time I cant even begin to tell how much missed the monster AJ’s been sending Ziggy’s picture of the day everyday she’s like our little dog child lol‼ Anyway hope you all doing well I’m going to bed‼
Love always,
Storm25 Storm25
26-30, F
2 Responses Jan 9, 2013

Girl I love seeing a post from you too!! It always makes me smile and believe in just how awesome love is and how amazing you two are :) You have one of the BEST guys in the world and I know you know that!! Thanks for reminding me that it's okay to let go of the reins sometimes. Get that rest and enjoy your date day!

Have i mentioned recently how much i love your stories? lol. you and AJ are seriously amazing. I hope you get your much needed rest and hubby time! :) Can't wait til i can have the opportunity to let the reins go every now and then. this is a great reminder for all of us i think that the weight of the world is always on our shoulder, they're happy to take over when they can be the supportive one too. <3