Marine Wife: Whats life like living In North Carolina?

Nikko arrived Christmas Eve and it was great. I'm happy to say i went into the New year with my husband by my side. Every minute spent together was amazing for the simple fact that he was home with me, in my arms after what always seems like forever.

I'm so excited but nervous and scared at the same time. Excited for the move considering that we will no longer have to be apart excluding deployments :( Which is what i'm so nervous about...He mentioned something to me about getting Deployed :( i hope he doesn't so soon...i know the first deployment has to be the worst...

(He just called me, i'm here at work and have the biggest smile on me face..i love hearing from him, even if it is for a few minutes)

Any who, my husband and i are going to be living off base and i'm really curious. How is it like living in NC? what are good and bad areas, how are the people there, how hard is job search, etc? I've been trying to find out as much information possible so i know or have a good idea what it's like before i get there.

Thank you so much ladies,
I wish you all the best

Semper Fi,
Sarah <3
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I'm so glad you can be together! I don't know anything about where you're living but your story made me smile :)

Thanks (: i'm glad you enjoyed

Yay! are yall going lejeune/new river or cherry point? I'm from NC and thats where we live so i can pretty much tell you about the area around either of those bases :)

He thinks most likely Lejeune. and this is great! How long have you been there?

my whole life lol. i grew up an hour north of lejeune/30mins west of cherry point. for the most part Jacksonville isnt bad, there's annoying traffic and a few dirty areas that are quite obvious you'd wanna steer clear of. if you're lookin for off base housing, prices are usually better in surrounding towns like sneads ferry and hubert, if you go for in Jacksonville i recommend staying away from Liberty Crossing. they are known for jacking up prices for marine families and they suck at maintenance. We live in Wilmington and Nick commutes to lejeune..he prefers the 40minute drive to living close to Jacksonville because he gets sick of being around nothing but marines all the time. lol. if there's anything specific i can help you with i'll be happy to try :)

Awh I'm so happy for you <3 keep me updated !<3

Thank you sweetie, i most definitely will (:

My aunt lives up there, she says it's really nice. I don't know lol. I've never been out of the state of Texas