I Got My First Letter!

 Today i got my first letter! Its only been 12 days! AHHH im so excited. I was walking to the mailbox to put in my letter and i open the mailbox and saw a bunch of mail ( not expecting mail because it usually comes a lot later). I looked through all of it and i saw a little envelope that said my name and my recruits name on it. I SCREAMED and started busting out crying. I ran inside and I yelled MOM I GOT A LETTER! I opened it as fast as i could and couldnt even read it cause my eyes were so watery from crying. He said he got everything done early so he could write to me while everyone is cleaning. 

He told me he missed me and looks/kisses my picture everynight. He said boot camp was hard but nothing he couldnt handle. He also asked me if i can go to his graduation, but i am already missing days to see him oct 29th in indianapolis. I have begged my mom and i guess i will keep begging until she sayss i can go! I love him so much, he is the best boyfriend that i have ever had in my life.

i love him, im so happy. hope all you girls here from your guys too. 


im gonna go shoppingggg now! <3

xxrachel101xx xxrachel101xx
6 Responses Aug 9, 2008

i loved reading your story it brought me back to when i first got a letter from my recruit, i am so excited for you!! congrats i am sure you will get many more :)

Aw congrats girlie!!! Im so happy you got your first letter, trust me you will be receiving many more. Im counting the days until I see my boyfriend!!! Only 11 days until I leave to Parris Island. <br />
<br />
Always write to him, because sometimes they are busy and can't write but your letters give him more inspiration!<br />
<br />
Keep asking your mom to go to his graduation !! I'll let you know how it is when I come back.


awwa!!YAY! =] <br />
<br />
have fun shopping=]

ohhh i got the goosebumps and the biggest grin reading your story!!!!! YAY!!!!! i'm SO excited for you girl!!!!! and good luck with getting to go his graduation - lol, keep that begging and pleading up!!! :p graduation means everything to them, but then, lol, you knew that already!! :P have fun shopping and YAY FOR LETTERS!!!!!! :D :D

yayyy i am so happy you got a letterr! :] i was excited when i got my first one too, i did the same thing you did haha