I Think I'm In Love.

It kind of scares me but i think i'm in love with Kris. Its weird for me to feel this way because we've only been dating for a few months and it seems so soon. I've never told any guy that i loved him before the thought never even crossed my mind. but with Kris i know everything is different. he makes me nervous mad excited emotional and brings out my goofy side all at the same time. he brings a feeling to surface that i never even knew i had. Kris has made me feel like no other man in the world, and i'm so happy to call him mines.
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3 Responses Jan 9, 2013

I think that I for one kind of picked up on the 'loving feeling' from you a while ago lol relax! I'm going to give you some AJ advice dude you feel what you if you don't feel then what does that make you feelingless you not a frigging robot man in other words just go with it I fell for AJ before we were even together before I had the girlfriend promise and it scared the hell out of me these type of relationships happen fast and quick and for some or other reasons its perfectly normal - oh and congrats lol it's down hill from here on out fun downhill but still there's no turning back!! I'm kidding and I'm over the moon for you!!

:) I think it shows in your stories as well. It's awesome girl, when you just know something is different its like wow crazy. Happy for you hun!

I feel the same way with Ryan and I've straight up told him that too.