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I have a quick question. My boyfriend left for bootcamp in December. I just barely got my first letter on Thursday. But before then I had written to him on daily basis. So when I got my first letter I would write down the address and send it ASAP. So that's exactly what I did when I got his letter. On Saturday I get a really nasty letter from him saying I had two days to reply or else he would brake up with me. In which really upset me so I out of anger I wrote and angry letter but never sent it though. Today I got another letter saying how hurt he was hat I wasn't sending him anything. That he's out my life and stuff like that, which is made quite upset right now. So here's my question. Do the drill sergeants send their letters right away once they write them? Or do they send them whenever they feel like it. I don't know what to do. I can't call him and tell him that I've been waiting forever for his letter. So what's going on. Can anyone help me out here? Thanks :D
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I wouldn't rely on there being any phone calls until the sunday after he completes the crucible. Only Army gets phone calls on Sundays. They are probably holding mail, that never happened with my boyfriend but he told me that happened with other people. Everything will fall into place just be patient and it will get better :)

It honestly depends. When mine was in BCT, he got my letters on a daily basis save for Saturday when the DSs went home for the weekend. His were pretty chill so that's why that worked out for us. Everyone's experience is different so you will get many answers. They could very well be holding his letters, you may have the address wrong, or many other factors. But I agree with someone else's post. He is overreacting but this is a huge change for him and he does need support and he is looking in your direction for that. Unfortunately something is happening and he isn't able to see that. Hopefully those Sunday phone calls will start rolling out and then you two will be able to have a rational discussion about this.

Thank you so much on your input! I'm really grateful that all you ladies are doing your best to give me advice from your own personal experiences. I've his mom and I have been getting letter at the same time and his getting upset with everyone stating that we are not being supportive. So we all think that they are holding his letters or something is going on that is beyond our control. They have Sunday phone calls! I didn't know that. Hopefully he calls, and gets off his darn mood swings! I'm quite upset with because he bascially broke up with me over a letter. I regret not telling to date is letters because it would help me out in the aspect of that it would indicate if they aren't sending his letters. Thank you so much on your input!

Most get Sunday phone calls once Red Phase is done. There have been a few cases that I heard about some platoons not getting any because they were just a bunch of incompetent fools. So it honestly depends once again on the DSs and the platoon itself. Hopefully he is with a good group of people that make good decisions. My recommendation is to have your phone with you at all times, especially during the weekends. Remember phases are typically 3 weeks long. But the length to the first call depends on how long his Reception was and some times there is an extra week of Red Phase known as week zero. Then again, there are some platoons which never get out of Red Phase. The point is, Army life is highly unpredictable and BCT is no exception. So, hopefully you will get those phone calls and everything will be straightened out. Pay no mind to his temper. Just remember that he is going through things that you can't even imagine. Give him time and continue to be there for him. Like you said, I suggest you date your letters so he has a basic of idea of when you sent them and how long it takes to get to him.

My boyfriend doesn't get my letters till about 2 weeks after I send them. The letters are hand sorted and takes longer for ours to get to them.his letters come about 2 days after he sends them to me. My boyfriend started getting upset at first because I wasn't sending letters when in reality I sent one every Seriously, just explain to him the mail takes longer to get to him than from him to you...hope this helps.

That's what I was thinking, cause I was doing some research online and it said it takes way longer to hear from us then them. Like I'm getting letters every two days. But he's all ****** at me now so he's not gonna write me, but I still will though. In all my letters that I've written I've written done the date and time, so he'll know that I am writing everyday like I promised, but it's a bit hard with school and work. But thank you soo much for your help!

Okay he is way overreacting. Even if you write him every day, the DIs might be holding their mail, or it might be tangled up in the post office somewhere. Don't freak out yet, he'll see that other guys aren't getting stuff and figure it out. He's probably really having a hard time and is just not reacting well :( I'm sorry though, sounds rough!

Yeah that's what I was thinking cause from the looks of his letters he had written then ahead of time and I've just barely receives them. I don't think that he's aware of this though. But like you mentioned I think he'll put two and two together and see he is not the only without letters. I'm letting his little fit slide due to him being under pressure and stress all the time. But it really upsets me cause I'm doing the best I can. I wrote in one of the letters. I need your address first, in order to send the letters. Ugh! Those DI's that they have sure like to test their patients.

Yes they do :) I know it's really tough but keep writing and hang in there! I'm Autumn by the way! Feel free to message me. Good luck!

Thank you! I got another letter today and it said how broken hearted he was with me and that he's leaving my life. He stated that he does not understand why I am not writing to him. I don't know how often they get mail call but I hope that he got my letters because like I stated before wrote about 10 pages worth of letters and have dated each and every one of them! aye. I don't know what to do anymore he's taken thing to another level, I've been supportive but he's been impatient. I like wanna go over there and tell him I CAN NOT CONTROL THE MAIL! haha lol. But yes, I will certaininly send you a message if I ever need anymore support! Thank you so much!

My husband said sometimes they wouldn't give them the letters. Try talking to anyone else he might ve writing to or his recruiters and see if you have the right address

Wow, really? Maybe that explains why I'm just barely getting letters now. From the way they are written it looks like they have been written awhile ago and the DI's have just barely sent them. I called his one and her and I are both receiving letters at the same time, I've checked the address and it is the right one. Took me while to figure what it said due to his horrible hand writing.

Yeah over time you kind of start being able to understand their horrible hand writing lol