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Hi there!
I somehow find myself on this forum tonight. I'm struggling with whether I belong on here with you wonderful girls, but something brought me here...well...HE did! I apologize...this is long winded (I know no other way..hehe).

I have found myself falling hard for my best friend's brother (who is 3 years younger than I am...27/24). My best friend and I have been friends for 5 years. I always have laughed that her and I are soul mates. Due to distance, I'd only met her mother 1x and sister 3x. She has 3 younger brothers but we hardly talked much about them.

Last summer (June 2011), I got a text from her that said, "my brother wants you to write to him while he's in Afghanistan". I replied, "I think you messaged the wrong person". I knew she had a brother in the marines, but "whatever". She replied, "No I didn't...he 'wants my hot friend' to write to him". He (Joe) facebok stalked me apparently. It took me 2 months of sitting on the beach to figure out what to write to him...I finally wrote a silly, simple letter. My grandmother frequently sends care packages to the troops, I have her Joe's address. Loving my best friend, my grandmother sent him and the guys nearly 10 boxes. The best boxes...exactly all the fun things they wanted. I did nothing else. Nice, right?! Heh. He started calling me his "future wife" to his family apparently. My best friend told me how he does not stop raving about my grandmother's care packages.

He came home. I did not meet or see him. Distance.

He got deployed again to Afghanistan in September 2012. He called my friend to say "see you later" while she was at our weekly girl's date night. I laughed and said, "put my future husband on the phone!" We talked for 2 minutes. He said my voice makes me even cuter. Fine...

Joe would facebook message me here and there...I took forever to respond (typical of me). One day I actually engaged in a conversation and had to get off the computer so I told him to text me (what a "luxury" having a winter deployment has been this time with wifi). He had my number and would randomly send a "hey". I again, took forever to respond (not intentionally). This happeneded a few times. I was then notified by my best friend that I would be expected in North Carolina in April when he returns. I said...what?! She wasn't kidding. I said how it "was not like that". She understood. She told me that he knew that, their mom knew that, she knew that, but it was good for his "ego" to have me there. I laughed....I told her she could look at our simple texts (how are you...i'm working..i'm eating dinner, etc...) to see just how "simple" our texts had been. She knew. She didn't need to see.

Thanksgiving my best friend spent time with my family. Joe wanted to facetime her. I told her to make him wait until my grandmother arrived so they could have a face and voice to put with the letters. I had never SEEN him. That facetime was my first time. Well, my aunt exclaimed..."THIS is the one who calls you his future wife?! You're stupid for not following through!" ...he heard of all it...except, my aunt really had only verbalized my exact thoughts.

Well, I started responding quickly to his texts, getting distracted at work by him, waiting for his text, etc. We facetimed 2x on Christmas (once with my family WITHOUT my best friend even there). ....well....him and now we have gained some SERIOUS momentum. I call this "Operation Kristi" of 2 years. He's won. Right now, I have been fortunate to facetime him a lot while he's not on a mission. I know I am really lucky right now to get to talk to him frequently. There are chunks of days that I don't hear from him, but I know I get to be in touch frequently. I feel like I am completely falling for him (maybe him and I have both fallen already) but terrified for several reasons including the obvious, as well as: he's my best friend's brother, he's younger than me, have never met him in person, am i crazy?!)

My best friend keeps laughing and says she's not phased bc "it's never going to work (once he's home)" (I'm a "city" girl and he's a country boy as she says) but she does admit to it being a little weird and not wanting to hear about everything. We had the conversation of "this is nothing official but whatever it is is nice" and "we'll see where it goes" when he gets home. Now, I am definitely getting my tush to NC to welcome him home. All of the guys call me his "girlfriend" when they refer to me while I'm on facetime...oh boys...

Girls...honestly (and I can take it) I crazy?
Thanks champs for reading!
How can I miss someone so much when I've never officially been in person with him?

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It's frigging adorable I'm already in love with both of you lol however I'm kind of spreading the love today it may change later!! So I think you actually do have the right attitude to this i think wait and see where it goes. AJ was and is my best friend we've known each other our whole lives and there was a point he was like a brother to me and now we married and i havent regretted a minute of it. I dont think you crazy i think you human and i also think that your best friend will be iffy in the beginning because it will be weird my brother and AJ's brother were all for us getting together in the beginning then we did it was extremely weird because we'd broken the awesome foursome and became a twosome and kissed each which was a huge no-no even if it wasnt in front them - frigging boys!! It doesn't last long you get over the weird/awkward feeling eventually today we all still best friends and the awesome foursome is still there even if two of us are kissing and holding hands and the all time sin married they've become our biggest support system beside AJ i know that no what matter what they will always be there and i think without a doubt yes your friend will her ew remember who you talking about moments and that wont ever go away but she will always want to know stuff because she's your friend - she will always be there for you and the awkward just goes away. Follow your heart if it feels right then its really there i dont think you jumping into this without given it proper thought so take it slow while as slow as what these relationships can be and see what happens!! Good luck and welcome I'm Storm by the way!

awww this is too cute!!!

that is just the sweetest story i have ever heard. please do keep us posted. and, you are not crazy.

Thank you. Just thought I might be crazy because I have never met him in person....

Awww sweet story!! This is such a cute story and I think he sounds amazing :) Obviously he likes you A LOT because he has been consistent for two years! Maybe once he gets back you can try it out! I'm glad you came to this site, it is full of wonderful ladies always helpful with advice and caring support! Good luck girl :) my name is Autumn, feel free to message me!

Hi Autumn. Thanks! :)

You're not crazy :) and the whole missing someone you've never seen in person is one of those weird things that just kinda happens sometimes. I love your story though and its definitely a cute one to tell if he does ever carry out makin u his wife ;) welcome to the group btw, im Lexie

Hi Lexie! Nice to meet you. Thanks for validating :)