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My boyfriend is going to graduate boot camp next week. I have a couple questions.
Well, after boot camp, there's the combat training then MOS. How does that work. I know after combat training he goes straight into MOS. But how does that work? His MOS schooling is about a year and he'll be in Pensacola. Can he take days off? Like, I know he gets 30 days off a year, but is that during MOS as well?
What about the schedule. He's going to be an aviation electrician. I'm sorry, I have plenty of questions. Any help will be extremely appreciated.
Thank you.
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Once again I'm LATE lol!! Congrats sweety that's awesome news and i'm really happy for you hope you have an AMAZING time!!

Thanks guys

well, he's in Parris Island.

Um, I live in Florida too, but Pensacola is about 9 hours away from where I live so any trip I make has to be long, I can't just drive there in the morning and come back the next day you know.

They can get weekends off and sometimes they get a 3 day weekend. The problem is that he has to sign out with someone and sign back in with them. They also have a certain amount of miles that they have to stay with in. So they cant exactly just leave any time they want or anywhere they want. With time he will learn the rules and itll be easier to plan visits, just be prepared for the Marine Crops to get in the way of your plans

I hope you can go see him sometime though! It'll go fast for you I bet.

oh alright. Thanks though.

I mean, I'm sure ill be able to go up much more than he can get away.

I guess I better start to get used to not seeing him for a while

Oh, one last question
What about phones?

They are free to use them as they wish right? I mean, its not like they have to drop all communication right?

Yeah they can use them as long as they aren't in class or pt or anything like that of course

Usually when they're in classes or working on whatever their MOS is they can't. During free time and usually at night unless they're on firewatch they can call or text, like normal. But no, it isn't like boot, they do have phones.

Alright. Thank you guys so much for your help :)

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During MOS they get liberty every weekend and they can leave base. There aren't as many restrictions during MOS as there are in MCT and of course bootcamp. Skype has literally been my best friend since my boyfriend has been gone. I'm glued to the computer. You should go visit him more than him visiting you, just because getting leave can be tricky, but yes he can get time off. :) His schedule will depend on the classes picked up, but generally formation would be at 5:30 or 7:00 in the morning, and he would go to class until around 4 p.m. Are you going to the graduation? Is your boyfriend in PI or SD?

Yea, if you're close to him you should be able to see him. They get leave time and get to go off base some, I think. My fiance did anyway. I'm so excited for you that he's almost done!!

Thats my husbands mos! And he's in school there too. They can get weekends off if they dont have duty or anything like that...and he can use his leave days if he wants to just not .frequently. You can message me if you have any questions :) My name is aura btw