Maybe Bad News...

I haven't been on here in forever! I hope everyone is doing okay. Late Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

So the other day Jeremy texted me and said they might be sending a deployment out. His platoon asked their sergeant and it isn't confirmed but it's a possibility. It really took me by surprise because I thought they weren't deploying anyone since we're supposed to be pulling out, but he said his MOS is one of the last to leave so I guess they keep sending them until it's time to pull out.

I'm hoping it's just a rumor or that it won't happen in the end. There was one he was supposed to be on last year that got cancelled so maybe this will, too? Has anyone else heard about deployments recently?

I know this is his job, what he trains for, and if he goes I'll be proud but I'm just worried for his safety.

I hope you all have a good week! Good luck with everything that's going on in your lives! Semper Fi :)
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AJ got wind of it as well and he's on the non-deployable list but the same last one out story and their schedules have gone all crazy again so I'm pretty much praying to every power i can possible think of that it doesn't happen especially because he just got back whether its working I have no idea but we haven't heard anything else nothing has been confirmed or denied as of yet so we wait and see. however with all that said and with my heart in stomach I'm already have ideas for his first care package lol is it just me or is that just completely insane lol hope it is rumour sweety!!

Haha no you're not crazy, I was starting to think care packages and pictures (I have a thing about pictures!!) and all this other stuff, like that I could join more groups and then I was like wait wait he isn't going well I'm praying for it too!! And you and A.J.!

My boyfriend got deployed december 2011. And since he might be locating because of a job change might mean another deployment. Word of advice don't get your hopes up about what's on the news always be prepared for deployment because we all know this country does alot of talking with that but not a ton of action haha. But our men are trained for this and they want to do this. When Robby was getting deployed I couldnt believe how much he wanted to go and I still don't understand and never will understand why he doesn't get upset about deployment but we're not military so we won't understand. You just have to be the biggest support system reguardless if he gets deployed or not. Semper Fi (=

I know and Jeremy said he wasn't at all worried, just concerned about how I would feel. I don't want him to leave and have to be worried about me, so I'll do my best to be supportive. I hope your boyfriend doesn't deploy again!

Yeah you'll adjust to it but it doesn't mean you don't want to punch all the happy couples on valentines day haha and thanks my fingers are crossed that he doesn't deploy these next three years!

Lol yes I do want to punch them...sometimes just happy couples on any day! I keep hanging on to the thought I'll be one of those happy couples someday :) I hope we all will be

Ryan is possibly deploying depending on Israel...I feel like a beauty pagent queen lately praying like crazy for world peace!!!

Hahaha girl I know just what you mean!! Plus every time they pray for military safety at church I kind of tear up!

Me too! Gosh I cry during the national anthem now sometimes too!! Lol

I cry at anything and everything haha I love the show Army Wives (I wish they'd come out with Marine Wives lol) and it makes me cry all the time!

I can't handle all that stuff. I never watch it or that show homecoming. Of course I'm lucky. Ryan is in the reserves so he goes away for a few days each month for drill. Except this month drill was longer than normal and he is going to a secondary mos in a few days so I'll be a whole 2 weeks without him! Sounds like nothing to most girls here but gosh I'm goin to miss him!!

I understand Jeremy is reserves too. We live hours away from each other anyway but it's harder when he's at drill or training! Still, we are luckier than some.

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My bf is getting deployed sometime this spring. We don't have a date yet but he is supposed to leave for pre-deployment training about two weeks into February. From the way I see it, yes they are pulling out troops but they cannot do it all at once and they can't just leave the guys who have already been over there, for months on end, there until they pull everyone out. I would suggest preparing yourself for the fact that he might get deployed but don't stress out over it until he is officially told that he is getting deployed.

I've been reading a lot and it's sounding more and more like they might leave more troops than expected in Afghanistan. I keep waiting for news but nothing yet. I'm trying to get used to it! Good luck with ya'll's deployment, prayers for you both!

I would just be ready for him to be deployed. It is in the end easier to be prepared for him to go and then be surprised with good news rather than counting on it being canceled and being disappointed. I wish you the best though hopefully it does get canceled because I know that is what I would want.

Well I know he wants to go, he's said that before. I am just praying for his safety now! Thank you :)