Going Home.

I am originally from Sacramento, that is where I grew up and where I met and fell in love with my Marine. I now live in San Jose with my father because I am attending San Jose State. My fiance left on New Years day so I came back to San Jose after taking him to the airport. I resently decided that I need to go back to Sacramento for a week, so that I can be with friends and family. Since the new semester hasn't started yet I have had far to much free time. As i'm sure many of you know when coping with your Marine being gone too much free time is a nightmare. It has only been nine days since he left but it has felt like far more, because I have been doing nothing to occupy my time, with all my college friends out of town until the semester starts and work being closed until then as well I have had nothing to do. So I am excited to go back to Sacramento tomorrow, I am excited to be with my friends and my family, I am also hoping that it will make the week go by much more quickly. Then when I get back next weekend, Jayson should will be done with his two weeks of field training and hopefully they will give the guys their phones back so that maybe I will get my first call. Then work will start that Monday and school on that Wednesday and then only one more week until he is done with MCT and will for sure get back his phone. I feel much more positive about everything now that I am getting out of here. Being alone has been no fun, and the time has been going by to slowly. I am also sure that if I would have chosen to stay I would most likely go crazy. Anyways I am really happy to have found this social site, it helps alot to be able to vent to people that understand, and that are not going to judge me because they get it. Friends and family are great but they will never understand or know exactly what to say because they arent going through the same thing. So thanks girls.
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Glad you going home it definitely does help with all those things lol enjoy!!

Glad you have a plan :) its definitely gonna be better for you to have people/activities to help occupy your time! Good luck and safe travels!

You're doing all the right things. Instead of staying in and going bat crazy, you went to keep yourself busy. Btw, I'm from San Jose and I graduated from SJSU just 2 years ago! How fun. My hubby's younger sister is currently going to SJSU if you want someone to physically talk to. She might not be in the exact same boat but her and her bro (my marine) are really, really close. therefore, she feels the emptiness.

I am starting to go crazy which is why i have to go. Plus once i get back things will be better ill busy with school and work and he will be about to graduate. Going home is gonna be for the best. Small world tho thats cool that you webt to sjsu and your sister is now.