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Hi everyone. Will what can I say I joined to be able to share my experience with my fiancé soon to be a Marine and get some questions answered (:

Will my fiancé and i have been engaged for about a year. Together for 2 years. His my life amazing man. He leaves in a month to boot camp and I'm slowly trying to accept it :( we do everything together his my absolute soulmate. I've encouraged him through it all & in front of him I show myself as strong & positive. I pray to God & know we are strong enough to maker through prior to other situations similar of long times apart I know we got this. But do you ladies have any advice? How to deal with it? How is it? I've found myself recently very emotional I tear when ever I think of no Goodmorning text and wishing it could be quicker. Please & thank you;)
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Thank you ladies, great advice :) i know its ok to cry, we have been the most 2 moths apart but with 24/7 skype. but i just tell him its the same just no tech. Aura thanks I will, and yes I will write to him as much as possible. He tells me I'm his strength and I won't fail at that.

Wow!!! well WELCOME!! This page is very helpful, and wow trust me i was scare before he left too boot camp cried. Just spend lots of time with him something that we both failed to do. Well we did but not like i wished it had been any ways just look forward to the letters and well stay busy!!!!

Like she said vvvv stay busy! The more you sit around with nothing to do, the more upset you'll make yourself. Surround yourself with your friends. & also write to him as much as you can! The one thing my boyfriend said to me was that getting mail was the best feeling in the world. It's cute to see how excited they get while telling some of their stories too! Just keep them positive and motivated too! It's ok to get upset too, sometimes you just need a good cry. But stay positive, telling yourself you can get thru it helps! & keep your phone handy! You'll never know when you'll get a surprise phone call! :)

Hey welcome! Well the time that hes a away at bootcamp is always hard in the beginning but it teaches you how to be strong emotionally and to be independent. When the time comes and he leaves its ok to be sad and whiny lol but your also going to have to pick yourself up and carry on with your day. Best advice ever is to KEEP BUSY lol everything gets better with time :) my name is Aura if you ever have any questions or anything at all