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This is just a quick question for you girls has nothing to do with Marines or Deployment or anything like that. but whenever you ladies have your little friend at that certain time of the month does your body feel drained. i feel so weak i can barely get up and workout in the morning i'm always sleeping late and taking naps during the day. i hate it.
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See a doc just be on the safe side sometimes its nothing but just go to be sure don't mess around with stuff...........

I take fiber gummies because i dont like taking tons of pills. And it helps and they taste good. There are all kinds of fiber supplements you can take. You can also go to the doc and make sure everything is ok with your hormones since it happens at that time of the month

Sounds like anemia. Try those iron supplements or foods high in iron. The talk to your dr about it.

I used to be like that when i was anemic. No matter how much iron i ate it wouldnt help, even took iron supplements..turns out my body doesn't absorb enough iron when i ingest it like that. So i was put on birth control and given iron infusions...since then i have way more energy and that little friend doesnt last nearly as long.

Try getting more iron into your meals and it should kinda help

I try but i cant really eat much i throw up like all of my meals except for dinner. food wont stay down. so i dont eat much

That happened to me last time! It weird cuz it never happened before but hmm...my mom told me to not eat anything greasy so i just ate soups and salted crakers and drank gingerale to settle my stomach

i'll eat eggs and its funny because that's the only time i can eat eggs they usually make me sick

Thats so weird.. I have no idea then

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