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It's been awhile since I wrote a story. James and I had out first huge fight last night. Over something really stupid, it really hurt really bad we both cried ! Everything is okay now. We love each other alot. I'm fixing to start in public school ill be able too see him alot more. We talk about getting married more and more each say day. He's super excited. He wants a baby but were too young right now. Our kids names are going too be Lyla Anne Barnes and Brandon Bubba Alexander Barnes
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Lol AJ and I were playing around with names the other day as well and he thinks for girl Martha - NO we suppose to love our kids not hate them we pretty much don't agree on names yet but we aren't ready or even to having kids so we allowed to disagree for a bit!! I hate fighting with AJ as well we never do but sometimes it gets a little heated and then two seconds later we both apologise lol glad you made up!!

Lol Nick and I are no where near getting ready to have a baby but we discuss baby names too and while we agree on a girl name and he knows he has no say in the boy's middle name (its gonna be after my papa) we do not at all agree on a first name. he likes some of the strangest boy names in comparison to the girl names like he wants to name his son Buford or Bartholomeu (i know thats not spelled right, but close enough) lol. and i'm like where did those come from? i could understand if that was a family name or something but hes so random. lol. i thought he was joking at first. Yay for marriage plans, seeing eachother more and real love :)

Haha !! That's crazy !!! James and I chose Brandon Bubba Alexander Barnes, bubba is after James papa that passed away not too long ago.. We're gonna just call him bubba..