Quote Of The Day And A Ramble

Challenges make love interesting; overcoming them makes love meaningful. -Determined Marine Wife

I don't really know who said that quote but that's what it was quoted as being from. Anyways i love it, because seriously this life has the potential to bring about some pretty stressful challenges and we see on here everyday the struggle to overcome those and look at how rewarding it is when we get to share in each others joys at the end of every long separation and all the difficult obstacles we have to face. :) I love you all.

I'm sitting at school right now, got about an hour til my next class starts. I got a date from Nick today of their homecoming and tenative flight plan....not getting my heart set on it but there was that extreme tinge of excitement that it might really happen haha. I pick up the apartment keys today and i am sooooo ecstatic to know that i get to set it all up and it won't be much longer til we can enjoy it together.

Why is moving so expensive? like seriously...95/hr. for movers and that's pretty standard throughout this town. i'm super glad we don't have a lot of furniture. technically i could move all of our furniture with my brother's help except the obnoxiously large tv armoir that weighs so much nick and our neighbor almost fell down the stairs taking it up last time we moved but since monster has school and i have to get it done before nick gets back, i'm just hiring the movers.

I hope you are all having a great day. and if you have an awesome quotes, i wanna read em :)
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2 Responses Jan 10, 2013

aw I'm holding thumbs for you!! good luck with move I hope it isn't a headache and yes its extremely expensive!!

loved it!! Its so true