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so my boyfriend left for bootcamp at PI on december 17th (Bravo company PLT 1020). it seemed like that most of your alls significant others are graduated and deployed. i know its a while until my boyfriend gets home (2 months and 4 days to be exact). but i can't help and imagine what its going to be like for when he comes home! is it butterflies all over again? do you feel shocked when you see him for that first time? also what are they like, i hear they kind of act completely different... i want to hear what the experience was like for you guys!
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So I acctually just experienced this abiut one month ago. When I saw my fiance on family day he seemed completely different he had a differnt walk he talked differntly said maam to everything and sir and they have a military language so he will refer to his running shoes as go fasters silly thinhs like that. It threw me off because I didnt recogize the way he acted. But once he got home and got settled in a bit he was the same guy just more polite and had a few differnt things about him. The changes arent bad its just alit to notice all at once. They are conditioned to all act the same in bootcamp. But once he is home he will be the same person simply with better manners and goals. When he first comes home his plate will be cleaned in about two minutes and he wont look up or say a word until the food is gone, he will just have a lot of habits because of what they are forced to act like in boot My finace craved junk food all the things they couldnt eat there. Hope that helps. So expect to see alot of change at first but also know the same old guy is in there you just have to give him a couple days to realoze bootcamp is over.

i've also got another question: when your marines came home what did they miss having? like my boyfriend keeps telling me he misses mt. dew and chocolate and different things so i want to put a welcome home package... and i wanted to know what your ideas were?

The night my fiance came home is one of my all time favorite memories! It was so hard being alone while he was gone, and after waiting so long to see him it was overwhelming! They do look so handsome in their uniforms, and it's like watching this whole new man walk toward you! Jeremy wasn't changed much when he got back, he lost weight but that was about it. He was always so polite and caring before he went and that didn't change at all!
Good luck getting through and if you ever need to talk, my name is Autumn :)

i know it feels like its been forever and i've got 2 months to go :/

The first time you actually get to see them is great! They look so handsome in their uniforms and all put together! You get butterflies the first time you see them on the graduation deck and the first time they are officially in your arms. My husband can notice guy that are straight out of bootcamp lol. Yeah they come back different thats for sure. Youll see a difference in the way they talk, eat , walk, and stand My husband was more independent and way more confident in himself. If you ask them to do something they will just go ahead and do it out without asking questions because they are so use to being told what to do and not second guessing what ever it might be [ personal experience with my husband on that one]. But with time they kinda relax and just go back to not being so uptight. That didnt happen until he was in his MOS for about a month. And yeah they get brainwashed into thinking that jody is going to take his girl. So just write to him and reassure him your feelings for him because it really gets to them weather they want to admit it or not. He would write me about how guy would get dear John letters or how some guys would even send them. Sorry this is so long! my name is Aura btw dont hesitate to ask any questions :]

i keep hearing about this jody thing... that kinda confuses me. also i've heard about the dear john letters i find that to be terrible i don't understand why people would do it.

My fiancé was a completely changed man after bootcamp. When he got home he wasn't as humorous as he was before he left, he was very shaky, I couldn't say certain words because it would trigger him into doing something or feeling something strongly. (This will make more sense when your recruit comes home). He has recently graduated MCT and is now in MOS. When you see your boyfriend for the first time it's like falling in love with him all over again. You'll be so proud of him and he'll be so proud of himself that you'll just feel this tingling feeling in the pit of your stomach... It still makes my heart race thinking about the first time after bootcamp... I started bawling... I'm such a cry baby... :) But the main thing is that they are pretty much brain washed during bc. You have to be prepared for him to question you a bit more than he did before hand. Like a common marine cadence topic talks about Jody stealing the marine's girlfriend while he's away. It's a common fear for the guys and having it drilled into their head that their girls have forgotten them tears them up. They just need reassurance. Even still my hubby asks me if I'm cheating on him- it hurts. Really it does but as long as you're not, and you're 100% loyal it all works itself out in the end. Good luck girly!

thank you! i hear it will take a while for him to go back to his old self! and of course i wouldn't ever cheat or forget about him... thats what i thought it would be like just butterflies

I was completely different once I graduated boot camp. But one thing is for sure, support him, write him, let him know you are wanting, and you'll be his best friend, forever.