Finally Got Ahold Of Him

Tonight I finally got a hold of Ryan since just before I had my car accident. He actually has no idea it happened but I had some good news to tell him so I told him about my accident with the good news. It's not that I want him to worry about me or have any stress over me I just want to let him know what's going on in case he get a date he's coming home so he will know if I'm not there. Plus hearing from him slightly helps he anxiety I'm having from my accident so it was nice to get a text from him
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awww thats really good!!! :)

Yea it's helped me with my anxiety being able to talk to him

thats great!!

It really is

really your story makes me smile!!!! makes me want to keep going its like i known you for ever

Aww that's a good thing

i know right crazyyy

The thing that surprise me is how fast I fell for Ryan. We have only been together since may and basically have developed out relationship from a distance but I'm absolutely in love with him. He's my rock and makes me feel so amazing. I love him so much. I feel more in love with him than any other guy I've ever been with

awwww thats soo cute!!!!! and wow really distance you must be strong...... i have dated my marine 2 years before he actually left to boot camp which is good. we have a solid relationship but it hurts more.

I am pretty strong, don't get me wrong tho I do have my moment where I break down but I just think about how amazing it will be when he does come home. But I've never felt as close to any one as I do with Ryan. It's just something about him. Like he knows something's I have to deal with when he is back but he wants to be there for me. Like I even told my best friend he might possibly be the one but I won't know till we are together again

awwww that's really cute yes, i feel the same way. and wow him the one that's deep!!! and yes am pretty sure if your far away and your like this imagine when your next to him!! It will feel amazing. yes we all have our break downs, specially when its like barely starting. At least for me right now.....

My biggest one was when he first went to Japan now they aren't as bad but the both of us want everything to work out when he gets home and he knows I want to have a complete family when the time is right and that I want my kids I have a dad that's actually more of a dad than now and that Im not in a hurry to have it but that's what I'm wanting in the long run. Plus I'm sure if he wasn't wanting to be with be because I have kids and all that he'd of left me a while back but he's been there and we are staying strong together. He knows how I feel about him an knows he makes me feel like no other guy so it's a good thing.

Yes that's a great thing am really happy for you honestly. Even tho i may not ever meet you am glad things are good and we are always trying to look at the bright sides while our men are away. Yes most men wouldn't want to have something serious and well am glad his sticking to you like gum. hehehe that what my bf says to me all the time. His going to stick to me like gum for the rest of our lifes. I told mine too that i want my kids to have his dad there so am waiting for him to get out of the marine corp to be stable.

Yeah thankfully Ryan is able to get out when he comes home and he already old me he is which I'm ok with and if still want to be a reserve(hes one now) I'd still stand by him. I fell in love with him not the fact that he's a marine. I actually thought he was out when we first met and we never talked about it much and he actually told me he's still a reserve after he left for training

ooo he is well i never really understood that part .

I certainly never did but I'm learning, I'm just waitin to hear he's comin home. I miss him so much and just want spend time with him

hahahah for reals am just staring to get the hang of it lol. When he barely came from boot cam p and all his new vocab. Am like okay wait let me learn. Like the time ugh i hate doing the 24 hours one hahahaha. I know just want to be with him rite now his at MCT and then his going to MOS..... specially since i cant talk to him....

That sucks. I'm kinda glad I found Ryan now when he's just about to get out I don't have to worry as much

yess it really does...

It's nice to know he won't get deployed again and that we will actually be able to be together and not worry about when he's gonna leave again but I'm still so very proud of him for being a marine

i am also but right now am living with that fear you know...

Yeah I know what you mean. I'm really hoping he doesn't tell me he wants to stay in as a reserve for long but I'd be ok with it

yes that what am scare you i love that they are serving their country and soo proud of that. I wouldn't want mine to stay longer you its really hard

Yeah it is and I want to have him home when he's done and Be able to have our relationship grow and have him develop one with my little ones too

Yes i totally get you. You want him to be there all the time to see the kids grow up. When they are away they miss everything that the kids did and thats certainly not okay. Its better for him to be there all the time hope that he doesnt change his mind and want to stay longer.

I hope not. He knows how bad things have been for me and that my kids need a good dad that's super supportive and he knows that I'm looking for long term(marriage) and I want to see how he is with them and if he's around ill know. My kids deserve an amazing man in their life since we struggle with crap with their dad and they need a good father figure, even tho my dad (grandpa) is a good one they deserve both

awww girl am sorry. And yes he need to understand that and if he loves you he has to love your kids as well. Yes no kid wants to have a dad that doesnt care for them. Thats great for your dad dont you someyimes grandparents show so much love for grand kids. I mean i have experienced it my grandma raised me. When both of my parents were away and I love her soo much i call her my mother because i see her as that.

My grandma was like my mom because she helped my dad raise me. I just want everything for my kids that I just can't give them my self

yes i think all of us want that for their kids

That's true, but after the day my son had that's what scares me. My son was horrible today he didn't listen at all at daycare and was just being a complete pain and I had to come home and basically tell him off. That's where in afraid that Ryan will not be ok with my kids

oooo yeah i get you. I guess you are just going to have to work something out

Yeah so I'll need to talk to him and let him know how things can be but that I want him and them to get along

yes i get you and thats sounds good and oo am sorry if your still in pain..

It's ok I'm on medication for the pain and its help so that's good

thats great!!! pills can do a lot sometimes...

Yea they can! The funny thing is my doctor asked me how many I wanted for my muscle relaxer. So I picked 30. Good thing the doctor knows me since I work in the same building as him

oooo Thats soo cool just dont drink them too much only when you feel pain hehehe.

Hehe ya I only take it when I need it

hahah thats great so ho whave you been

Still in some pain but good

awwww i can imagine......

I'm working through it tho so ill be fine

thats great!!

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That's great that you heard from him :)

Yea it is. I want able to tell him what happened but he hasn't responded to that yet so I'm just waiting

Yeah its important for him to know. I hope that now that you've heard from him your anxiety goes down

It has a little bit but its not going away completely

That'll take time. My mom had an accident about...3 or 4 months ago and she still panicks when she drives but it just takes time

Yeah and I figure ill be ok and the good news is that I got a call from the auto body place to get the ok on my car

so they can fix your car now?

Yeah they are gonna start fixing it. I'm just hoping it doesn't take a super long time

Ill keep my fingers crossed for you :]

Thanks hopefully it will get done pretty quick but i just want it done right

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