Too Much Change For One Week

So his B school is finally coming to an end and that means he has to pick which aircraft he wants to work on. Im soo excited because that means he only has one more school left and then we can finally have some sort of idea of where he will be stationed at. Unfortunately the air crafts that he wants are on the west coast. I dont want him to settle for something here on the east cost and then not be happy, i want him to see new places and get out there. But that means different time zones and less of a possibility of him coming home or me going to see him. On top of all that i learned yesterday that my credits might not transfer once i have to move...i havent confirmed it or told him yet. Theres alot of change coming my way and the week isnt even over yet! But on the bright side i start my new job tomorrow!! my Current job is only giving me about 20hrs a week...and let me tell you that is not nearly enough to last me 2 weeks. This week i only worked 2 freken days! it was definitely a wake up call. But heres to a new year, new decisions and new adventures!!
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A few years ago I transferred schools. They were an hour apart and half my credits didn't transfer. I even took time to make sure I was only taking classes that would transfer. It was soo frustrating! I ended up only going to school one semester and then dropping out and pursuing different things because of it. (became a paramedic in a small exclusive school). But just wanted to give you a heads up, transferring and losing credits is very upsetting. So if you transfer be prepared to be annoyed. And remember to keep trying no matter what!
And yay for the new job!!!

Thats exactly what im expecting will be the problem now. Sucks having to pay so much just for it not to count somewhere else! But yeah im just going to keep on going forward :]

Exactly. How much longer do you have until you graduate?

My problem is that im barely about to start. I finally made the choice to start school! Also i applied for spring semester, and that might be the time i get to move away with him