I Don't Wanna Be Alone During All This. . .

So I'm New Here, I Know All You Girls Would Understand What I'm Going Through.
So My Boyfriend left For MCT On Jan. 1, 2013 And I Haven't Heard From Him Since That Night. I Don't Know What Company He's In or Anything. Its Been About A Week And A Half. I Know He'd Safe But I Just Wanna hear From Him. Has Anyone Else Had This Problem?
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My fiancee is in Pendleton for mct he left on the first as well, I haven't heard anything from him and it has been two weeks. But I also haven't expected to hear from him. When he got to mct they left that saturday for field training which is two weeks long, during that time they have no communication with the outside world. I heard tho that when he gets back, the weekend of the 19th I believe, then they may get their cells back for a while. So maybe he is in the same boat as my marine. If you think about it you are almost half way there. In a couple weeks he will be off to mos school and will have is phone.

My boyfriend is at MCT too and they took his phone away and he said he would talk to me in about 2-3 weeks. If their DI's are cool, they will let them have their phone for a bit but I wouldn't worry. He is probably out on the field and is just busy.

yup same day he left and have not heard anything except that suppostly the was only going to be there for only 2 weeks in a half. Thats what he told his mom before he had to give his phone up...

I doubt that is accurate it may have been miss communication. Mct is 29 days long. If he was put in a waiting platoon then he will be up there doing not much until his platoon oicks up. In that case his mct will be 22 days long with out weekends off. But in the end it all adds up to 29 days. The two and a half weeks could be that he was put in the waiting platoon or that he was saying he will be doing field training for two weeks.

yeah am not sure about it yet tho ...

Thanks Girls. He Told me Weekends Too But I Haven't Heard Anything and Some Of His Friends have Had Libo Already and they hadn't heard from Him either.

Its really hard to know if theyll let them call because any little thing can set the DI off and tell them they cant call home that weekend. Or theyll let them call one day out of the blue. Keep us updated! :]

The guys don't have much time for anything during MCT. It's the hardest part (in my fiancé's opinion) of the marine experience. Which blew me away because I would have thought bootcamp would have topped everything. They go out in the field for two weeks at a time and don't have phones or anything to write with. Even if they do by chance have a pen and paper they can't mail it out because they don't have postal service out in the field. You'll hear from him as soon as he gets the chance I'm sure, you just have got to stay strong. I know it's tough but it'll be worth it!

If he took a phone he might be able to call on Saturday or Sunday but that's only IF they let them. He mighttt be able to send a letter or two if he can find where to send it from (my husband couldn't find one until a couple of days in). But i definitely understand what your feeling!