Moral Dilemma.

I have a problem. Since my honey is training and he's the advice giver and my best friend is involved in the situation i was wondering if i could have some advice?

My best friends fiance has done some pretty unnecessary and mean things to me this week, not to mention the cruel, in my opinion, things she's said about my marine. Whatever friendship she and i had for my best friend is over. I want to be done with her but unfortunately my best friend is like my brother, and he will be leaving for basic training for the USAF in a few months. I've known his fiance since 5th grade, i know this will be incredibly hard on her. The US Marine girlfriend in me doesn't feel like it's right to let her deal with this alone. Every thing else in me says I've forgiven her to many times and if she wouldn't be there for me why should i be there for her. He leaves in June. I'm not sure what is the right thing to do here?
She is a Air Force fiance.
I'm a Marine girlfriend.

:/ advice?
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Try sitting down and talking with her. She may be stressing about her fiancé leaving and could be taking it out on you. I know that I stressed pretty bad and took it out on people myself. Try to resolve it because you are both going to need each other now more than ever. Who knows maybe this could bring you guys closer together. Just remember to stay calm. If talking to her doesn't work then just stay nice to her but don't go out of your way to help her any longer.

I have tried to but my friend has stopped me, he feels she will over react and their will be a fight between someone he considers to be his sister and someone he wants to spend his life with. But you are both right. I need to stand up for myself, tell her what she's said about my marine was wrong, and possibly avoid her after that if that's what i have to do. But as someone who's gone through what she is about to go though and out of respect for my best friend, i can't just watch her suffer when i know i can offer help. Even if she's a sucky person, i guess i shouldn't be one too.

Obviously i don't know what she's actually done or said, but is there a reason behind it. Like some underlying reason she is being mean...perhaps she's jealous or feels threatened by your closeness with her fiance, or she is displacing her fears of his leaving for the air force? not saying those are good reasons just sayin its possible that she's just not handling things appropriately. That being said...maybe just don't intentionally be around her often, tell her how you feel about what shes said/done and if she cuts the crap be supportive of her. If nothing else him leaving may be a wake up call/slap in the face for her in regards to the way she's put down your marine. Things are tough..but milso or not she shouldnt be treating you like **** and get away with it. Talk it out, if she doesn't apologize and stop then i'd just avoid her as much as possible to not be subjected to it.