Young Marine Fiancee Soon To Be Wife.

Hi am Brooklyn, I am 17 and engaged to a marine who is the love of my life. He is leaving to Afganastan In march.. I have never had to deal with this before, Or ever been In love/ cared for Someone this much before. He trys to talk to me and I listen, but I don't know now to help him. I am SO afarid of him leaving, I want to tell him I don't want him to go. But I know now much this means to him. And I want to staying strong for him.. please anyone if you have any advice Or would like to know move please leave you coments and advice. Thank you

Sincerly; Brooklyn
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Hi Brooklyn! My name is Autumn :) I'm so glad you found this site! I know you want to tell him you don't want him to go, but from experience that makes it so much harder for them. It's like a guilt trip on top of the one he's having for leaving you already. Like Lexie said, just be supportive, remind him you love him and you'll wait for him, and enjoy the time you have. You'll get through this!

Thank you soo much you guys. Believe it Or not you guys are life savers!! I love this site. And I need people to lean on that have Or are going thro this because I'm new to this and young.. well get In fights but I just at there end saying its stupid and I saying sorry for whatever because he's to great to loose. I have a hard time with all this because its there complete opposet of a normale relationship, on too of he's not just my boyfriend He is my finacee and were getting married In febuary before He goes to afganistan.

I know how hard it can be starting off so hang in there! We'll be here for you :) good luck girl!

Again thank you soo much! And I just worry because He is leaving and I'm scared something may happen to him..

Welcome! I'm lexie :) we will all be here to help you through this. My general advice is enjoy the time you can while he's in the states and when he's gone keep yourself busy to help pass the time. Lean on us when things get tough and keep in mind you are strong and you can get through it.

Thank you very much, its a hard relationship but He tells me we will make it through this all, and I believe him whole heartedly. I miss him and its hard not having him by myside everyday..