Hey ladies. How are you all doing? Hope all is well. So last night we went to see "zero dark thirty " amazing movie. My fiancé was extatic to watch it, he was amazed to see a woman being the master mind behind the mission. He melted my heart as he said " it's true man might be the hands, but woman are the brains" lol he says they would be nothing without us... True!

So today his at a function with the other Marine guys and the Sgnts. Yesterday I spend all day at the recruiting office encouraging him. And he might leave earlier then the date set. But that's ok. We are spending time, we are preparing staying strong. And he wants to plan the wedding date. I'm excited :) do you ladies what's better if Btwn bootcamp & mos in the 10 days gap? Or after mos? We want something simple. They told us that in the 10 days is better to get paper work done. Any advice?

Thanks ladies (:

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I read Deers is to get the tricare benefits health, etc. BAH is with the salary office once marriage gets approve. your husband as an active duty automatically gets it but you or any other dependent have to do it personally and make sure it's right. (Info) yes always have a copy of marriage of license and all ID'S up to date because they ask for it. Thanks:) I believe I'm correct.

But I read that deers is where they have all the marines information such as if they have dependants and things. So you have to get your self put into deers so that his is recognized as having you as a dependany and then you can get insurance and bah if you live off base. If you arent in the deers records you dont exist thats what i read today.

My fiance and I are also planning to get married and take care of all the paperwirk directly after his mos. I spent all day on google figuring out the stuff your asking about. But when you do get married make sure to get a certified copy of your liscense because you will need it for deers and you i.d abd maybe other things.

Aura so it would be better to get married in the 10 days? Where do u get id? & whats the deers program? sorry so many questions but they told him simething else. thank you lexie19 & love090810 go watch i was left speechless :0 amazing!!

Yeah the 10 days. That also gives you time to go get your id card and get you enrolled in the deers program.

hahah thats the sam ething i told my bf they need us hehe ooo i want to watch that moviee so bad.

The 10 days is probably easier to plan just because after that you can't guarantee leave dates.