My New Happily Ever After

Okay, so here is my story and I feel like my friends whom I must point out are the best do not entirely understand. I have always been a very studious person and have put school before everything which is why at 20 years old I am in my senior year of college as a pre-law student. That being said, recently my world was completely changed when I found what I can only explain as the man of my dreams. Josh is 23 years old and is a Marine. He loves what he does and it fills me with pride to call him mine and know that he is doing something so noble. He is talking about going active which would entail a large decision for both of us. I would have to give up my initial life plans of going to law school to follow him which doesn't seem like a terrible idea because I would chase him to the ends of the earth, but it is also quite terrifying and I know that there will be a lot of people out there that do not support my decision (mostly my parents). I guess I just need some serious advice because I keep telling him to pursue his dreams even if that entails me putting mine on hold!
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I dont think it would be a bad choice since you are already so far ahead you can afford to give up a couple years. And i am sure you can take several online classes so you can still work towards your goals in another way. You can even find a school near his station and get some classes done while he is at work.

I am also in my senior year as pre-law and I'm also younger than most. I don't think you're crazy! If Jeremy (my fiance) wanted to go active instead of reserves and move, I would give up going to law school for now and follow him. You're young and you have your whole life ahead of you. Giving up a few years and following your heart isn't a bad choice. Just hang onto that dream and you will make it come true one day, without having to face the loneliness of living without him! I'm glad to know I'm not the only one out there who is in this situation, because most people would call me crazy, too. Good luck with everything! My name is Autumn, by the way :)

I think you can do both. Unless you have ur heart set on one particular school once he goes active and gets stationed there should be a school in reasonable proximity you could do.

I don't know, I'm not a big fan of putting dreams on hold unless your dreams are his, specially if someone is as young as you are. How would you follow him if you are not married? Will you move every time he gets relocated?

Love is very important, I think that success is not worth it if by the end of the day you don't have anyone to share it with, therefore what I'm trying to say is for you to evaluate all ways possible of following your goals while supporting him and if your complete happiness is following him before anything else, then, that is ok too...happiness is so worth it is worth trying :)

Yes school will keep you very busy when his away. And don't be afraid to ask questions. I honestly write down questions to ask the Sgnts all the time. And I go to the office and ask away, they like when your involved. It's not a one man show when you're with a marine it's a two man show, because the woman does the same & sacrifices much as well. One of my fianc├ęs Sgnts told me, " it takes a special kind of woman to be with a marine they go the extra miles, thats why they deserve greatness in return". My Hun agrees! Just talk it out with your Marine. See points of views.

well, marriage is definitely in my plans lol and hopefully his too. He is a reserve as of now, but I know his obligation to his country are way too big to keep him at that and he is going active as soon as all the paperwork goes through (which is daunting), but thank you so much for the advice i sincerely appreciate knowing more of the ins and outs because I haven't had much experience with the up close and personal life of the military. I think that putting his needs before mine are good if only temporary and he keeps telling me that when he deploys (he seriously cannot wait) that I'll have law school to keep me occupied which is extremely optimistic and helpful!

I know exactly how you feel. I'm putting my college semesters on hold till we can get station. & settled down. He understand that its a sacrifice for me since iv always been so about school and finishing my bachelors. I love him and its just for a few bot years. just months and he sees that.

Your an amazing person & must be very smart to be so ahead. So that's a big bonus. Depending on your plans. If marriage it might be great to go with him. Move get to know new people new areas, etc. if you guys live together you can go to a law school in the area you are stationed. It would only be on hold till you move in. Not long. It's really what your heart says.

I tell myself any school any career will still be there when I go back I have time for that, the rest of my life. But he might not always be there, meaning deployments etc. because he is my soulmate & not everyone is blessed with that.