So I saw my car for the first time since I had my accident. I saw how bad the damage is to my car and why I had such at hard time opening the door. All I know is I'm lucky that I wasn't hurt and that the front corner in the drivers side is the only side that was damaged. It could have been alot worse. On top of that Im very lucky I have been able to talk to Ryan he's been making sure I'm doin ok and trying to help me through my anxiety.
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Wow is right!! I'm so glad you were okay but I know that must have been frightening. Hope your anxiety gets better and I'm happy he could be there for you!

It is getting better slowly an I'm so thankful he's been here for me too. It's helping having him be so supportive

It's great when they have the chance to support us! Sometimes I think it really helps our guys to know we need them as much as they need us :)

I think your right! And we support them so much by standing behind them when they get deployed weither it be afghan or Japan or anywhere, they every so often stand behind us when we need it, that's just a sign of love for one another

Yes it is :) It really helps sometimes just to know I'm not the only one who cares!

Exactly but now it's kinda weird when he texts me back cause he's called me Hun and honey which btw he never does

Haha maybe he's trying to be sweeter :) is it just me or does hun just sound weird and look weirder?

It rally does and maybe he is but I'm so not use to it

Haha well maybe he'll keep it up and you'll get used to it :) I actually told a guy once not to call me hun because I thought it sounded weird! He was so hurt lol I felt bad

Lol yeah I didn't tell him not to call me it I just told his it was weird cause he never calls me anything else. I'll eventually get use to it

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Im happy you are ok. How is your anxiety going? You have to's orders :)

It's getting better. I gmhave been talkin to Ryan quite a bit since it happened and I had finally got a hold of him so actually he's even the biggest help for me. I'm just trying to relax as much as I can but its not easy so I just focus in my kids and much as possible