Sick And Alone...

If there is something I am afraid of is a sore throat. The pain, not being able to swallow, to eat...uuf. After a hard week of work, I was waiting for this weekend like never, with plans and all until the mother nature, the universe decided to remind me of my mortal condition and knocked me off on Saturday. I woke up in panic, I saw it coming: an entire weekend of pain so I jumped out of my bed an took some antibiotic and as my mom always says did gargle with warm salty water. I came out of my room and saw my roommate also dying. "What is wrong with you" she said. "Sore throat". And you, I said: "I've been vomiting all morning, Ruben is bringing me some food".

Boom! JUST WHAT I NEEDED TO HEAR. Yes woman, come tell me how your bf is going to take care of you all day long while mine is 4,000 miles away and which of I haven't heard for hours since we weren't very happy with each other (after I thought he procrastinated me...another story). That morning he wanted to call me but I told him no because my throat hurt, and that ended up in he not writing to me the whole day...

Before the end of my day he wrote me saying he got mad because I did not want to talk to him. Ok, #1 I din't want to talk using my voice but I could text! #2, doesn't he know woman? No means yes haha not exactly but I've told him not to call and he does anyways, even if I can't talk. So I assumed...

End of the story I made wrong moves, he got me all wrong and we ended up with some new "rules". He can't get mad at me if I'm already mad at him and he can't get mad at me if I'm know, a girl has to protect herself :p

He did call before I went to bed, we lay in bed together "virtually", he danced for me, and showed me all the gifts he has been buying for me. And! he showed me something that looks like...maybe! but no, the box was a bit bigger than the ones I've seen...fingers crossed :)
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Hey fellow drama queen :) ... sorry to hear you fell sick, take care, lots of hot tea and staying warmly tucked in so that you'll be fine again real quick. So intriguing about the box, here's fingers crossed for you :) But whether this time or next, that special ring surely will come your way!

Totally agree with what LadyGypsy writes below, no man every really understands us! Here was a bit of drama as well last night and this morning, with us being on "t minus very little" I got really irked with my Marine hanging out with his liberty buddy instead of seeing me. True, they had had a really tough and stressful week and needed to unwind - but so had I, right? :) It ended with a lot of drama and tears from my side and a very early morning reconciliation. So everything that ends well.... :) Get better soon!