High School Sweethearts

Currently, my boyfriend is at boot camp in San Diego. He's 19 and I'm 17. He graduated my high school last year. He says he's been in love with me since the first time he saw me my sophomore year. But we've been together for over 11 months officially now. I've gone to prom with him in 2011 and 2012 and hopefully 2013 :) he graduates April 5 and my senior prom is the 13th. I miss him so much and I'm still awaiting his first letter!!
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3 Responses Jan 13, 2013

Awww!! Hello your story made me think sooo much about my marine!!! His also my high school sweetheart!!! He graduated last year and is currently at MCT I love him with all my heart. We also started going out my sophomore year. It was amazing ans still is even tho rite now we are not talking because he doesnt get to use his phone. Itd hard for me specially sinmce its my senior year.. Hehehe hopefully u do get to go prom!! Awww trust me the first letter is amazing just make sure to write to him as much as possible.

Welcome! Keep looking forward to that prom :) i find its always nice to have something like that to look forward to when they're gone. And write him lots while you're waitin!

You'll Be Excited To Get That First Letter! Its Always The Best. Glad Your Gonna Have Him For Prom. make those 10 days worth it.