How About Some Reintroductions?

Hi lovely ladies! I was thinkin, we have a lot of new members on here and I try to comment on everyone's stories but I don't always do the formal introduction and it's been a while since i did a recap not to mention sometimes I just suck at names and keepin people straight. So that being said i was thinking why don't we all reintroduce ourselves. You can put whatever you want--names, ages, what you're goin through(boot, mct, mos, pds, deployment, long distance, living together, etc.), anything you'd like the other ladies to know. Anyways, here's mine:

I'm Lexie, i've been a member on EP since Oct 2011, this year will be 2 years with my Marine, Nick, and he is finishing up his first deployment. He's stationed on Camp Lejeune and when he's home we live together in Wilmington with our crazy dog. I'm a senior at UNCW and I love making new connections and helping out in any way I can. If you wanna know anything else, or just wanna chat feel free to message me anytime...i check this daily and usually it's my method of procrastination for homework because it's less addicting than pinterest haha.

-Semper Fi girls!
Lexie19 Lexie19
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1 Response Jan 13, 2013

Jessica, age:20 turning 21 next month whoot whoot can't wait to celebrate it with the boy. I can't remember how long I have been a member of this site, but all this time, I still haven't gone through anything yet. I'm not excited about it though. He's gonna start his training during the summer.