Ok girls I am in need of more information that I simply can't find by googling it so I am coming to you ladies to see if anyone knows. First some background information. My Fiance is in the Marine Corps and is thinking about re-enlisting and the only reason he wants to re-enlist is because they have an opening in Japan. Actually they have a few. Anyways, we will be getting married in September of this year and if he re-enlists it'll be in June or July. We have already discussed us getting married in May at the courthouse and then get married again in September with the whole family. That way if we do decide to go to Japan we can go ahead and get me in the military system and get accompanied orders. My questions are endless about Japan. I don't know what to expect or what we need to bring or what we should just leave behind or sell, like furniture for example. We have a dog that we will be taking with us and I know he will have to be quarantined for a month before we leave. I guess what I am asking of you ladies is have any of you been to Japan and would be able to tell me what I can kind of anticipate as far as the move and getting things situated. I hope this all made sense and I am really hoping someone knows something and can fill me in because google just isn't helping and I don't know anyone that lives over there currently. Thanks ladies!
marinesgirl189 marinesgirl189
22-25, F
Jan 13, 2013