Going Through Hard Times Without Him By My Side.

So I went home this week to be with family and friends. Little did I know that my dog of 12 years health would go under while I was visiting. The first day I was home my dog was moving around the backyard carrying his ball and the next day he couldnt get himself up and won't eat anything. My dog is a German Shepard and 12 is very old for that breed of dog, their hips tend to go out and that is usually what ends their life. For a long time I have watched as he became slower at running and as it look more effort to function day to day. But I didnt expect something so drastic to happen. I carried my dog inside and made him a comfortable bed to sleep on. Now he wont let me touch him and he is incapable of getting up on his own so I cant get him outside to go to the bathroom or to the vet. Now I have been faced with the horrible decision of putting him to rest. I am watching him for the next couple of days to see if he recovers but in the end I am pretty sure i will have to have him put down. I knew this day would come but it just sucks to go through this without my fiance. I have had this dog since i was five. Just wish I could talk to Jayson, he always know what to say, how to make me feel more comfortable with my decisions. But my support system is temporarily out of contact since he is at mct. It is strange to have suck drastic events occur in your life and not be able to tell the love of your life about them for week after the fact. I am just going to pamper him for his last days of life. Give him a comfy bed to sleep on, give him treats if he will eat them, make sure he has all his favorite toys and he will have a nice warm house.
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I'm so sorry to hear about your dog. My bf and I had to put our cat down on the 5th, so I understand exactly how hard it is (I've also had to put down two other cats, one of which was 15 and the other only 2). It is extremely difficult because of the love you have for them. Just remember that your dog will be in a better place and won't be in any more pain if you do decided to have him put down. Best of luck to you and if you need someone to talk to feel free to message me. :)