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I almost forgot about this website, up until tonight lol. It's crazy that's it's been a year since my boyfriend has been in the Marine Corps. It's been 3 1/2 years since we've been dating. Crazy how time passes by so fast. I thought the military would break us, but it's made us stronger than ever! (: The past week I've been crying a few times at night because I'll be laying in bed and thinking to myself that he was just here not too long ago laying with me and now he's not :/ moments like that suck. I just try to stay as busy as possible, even though he's always on my mind lol. My boyfriend was planning to propose to me while he was home, but he ended up ruining the surprise before he came home and decided he couldn't do it since I knew and he wanted it to be a complete surprise. I have a feeling he may do it on my birthday/our anniversary this year, just an idea though lol. I just know he's the one. Even after all these years, we act like we just started dating and that's what I love about us (: he's my best friend and I'm his. So this year me and my boyfriend are giving each other presents for Valentine's Day, since we couldn't last year because of boot camp. Here's what I'm planning on doing...I'm going to order a dog tag, on one of them it's going to say "God gave me you" since it's totally true and that's also our song, then I'm going to make him sugar cookies in the shape of a heart(he already knows that haha) I was thinking of having one of them say our love is like(I saw this on pinterest lol) like the stars in the sky, for example. Then I'm going to make rice crispy treats in the shape of a heart on a stick dipped in chocolate with sprinkles, and a bunch of other candy. I'm also going to send him cake in jar, but with just the colors pink, red, white, and maybe purple. And lastly, I'm going to make him "100 things I love about you" (: I spent a lot of money on him for his birthday and Christmas, so I decided to save a little since it's just Valentine's Day lol. I can't wait to get my present! (: Oh, and the Marine Corps Ball was amazing! Everyone loved my dress. We didn't stay long. All we did was eat, take pictures, and left lol. We didn't even dance once haha. I was ok with that because I wanted to party lol. Well hope all is well with everyone! Stay strong ladies; you're another day closer <3
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What?! "God Gave me You" is our song too! haha by Blake Shelton right? You are doing a lot of super nice stuff, let us know how it goes.

Haha that's funny. Yep! I love Blake Shelton. We actually changed our song so many times, but that's like our favorite song and we always say that to each other, so we finally decided on that one lol. Thanks (: I always like to spoil him.

Aww yes, times goes by fast. Am really happy for you :) awww thats cuteee!!! And yes thats my logo. One day stronger and one day closer!

Thanks! (: