Well Guys, He Finally Left Yesterday.

I posted on here a good couple months ago talking about how my wonderful boyfriend enlisted in the marines and was going to leave feb 25. well he actually just left yesterday, and i'm already missing him like crazy. i was wondering if any of you lovely people could give me advice on how to stay preoccupied and focus on school and not spending my time worrying about him too much! also if anyone could tell me how often i should write him and stuff, that'd be good too. thanks guys! <3
semperfibaby semperfibaby
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1 Response Jan 14, 2013

write him as much as you want :) even if he doesn't have a lot of time for reading them just having them and being given mail at every mail call will make him happy..as far as staying focused mind over matter hun. make a schedule or whatever helps you know what you have to get done...even if its stuff you don't HAVE to do but it'd be beneficial, do it, it helps pass the time--like i don't really need to study as much as i did last semester but i did it to pass the time and it didn't hurt my grades lol. Also, get your mind off him being gone by hanging out with friends or just doing something to stay busy...volunteer, work, anything :) good luck, you can do this