Kinda Taken Back A Bit By Him

So tonight when I got off work Ryan text me back after I text him good morning earlier in the day. Well I so use to him calling me babe, it's normal to me but tonight he didn't say that. Tonight he called me honey which is so unusual for him that if threw me off. I was like wtf honey you never call me honey. Of course I said that in my head and not to him but its so out of character for him to call my anything but babe. Maybe it's just that he's as in love with me as I am him or i don't know why. He didn't even know why cause I asked him. I told him baby you never call me anything other than babe what's with the honey? Yah he didn't even know its totally cute and I love it now that it sunk in a bit but I'm still confused.
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yes gurl thats cutee!! aww you should call him other things also they like it we use lots of nick names.

My main one when I really care about someone is love. I call my best friend love all the time and with him I do too but I also call him sweetheart!

hehehe yeah try diff. ones to see what his reaction is

I have and he never has a different reaction. It's kinda like ok

yeah you like hoping for like an aww or something but nothing. He will come around tho trust me

I'm sure he will it will just be a matter of time. Like today I called him baby and told him I'm going to the doctor tomorrow, he asked why and I told him I'm still in a lot of pain from my accident.

ooo and aww am sorry hopefully its nothing bad

It isn't anything bad its just the muscles are all tense so they are hurting

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Ldylvlylcks2002 that has a name: paranoia! haha I get tired of calling him the same so I change a lot, jumping from one to another. He calls me several nicknames also, but babe when he calls me baby I tell him: "You are my baby, I'm your babe" haha I'm crazy too

I'm just not use to it, I'm so use to bring called babe so it was a surprise an it's the first time he said something other than babe. I call the people I care about more than anything.... I call them my love

lol whats there to be confused about? he really likes you. maybe he just got tired of using babe. me and alex use just about every cutsie nickname in the book. they are all used to get the same reaction out us. to make us feel special and significant in their lives. this story is pretty darn cute you could also try using different cute nicknames for him, he'll probably really like that.

I always text him good morning my love