My Heart Is In Pieces....

Hello hope all of you are great!!! So siting here just brought back so many memories and cant stop the tears from coming... I miss my Marine more than ever. Not just that nut things are been rough right now.. My grandma decide to leave back to where we are original from. For my cousins wedding am really sad.. Its like my heart its soo many pieces at the begin of this month i had to say bye to the love of my life. At the end of this month I have yo say bye to the most important person in this whole world to me. She raised me and i love her to death. I been having great things happening but my heart just cant take her leaving me .Its so hard to let her go but i cant do much.... This has been one of the quotes that has been helping me "You'll never know how strong you are .... Until being strong is the only choice." Hope you all had a wonderful and blesed day.
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Just remember god takes his toughest battles and gives them to his strongest soldiers. You can do it just remember there are people that are here for you

awww thank you sooo much and yess thats sooo true!!! Thank you God Bless!!!