Earlier Leave Date :(

Hey ladies. So I have news my fiancé and I have been speeding as much time as possible. As many of you recommended Thankyou :)

But we recently got some news if he passes a validation on Monday he might leave earlier/: I'm not a big fan of that I want him here with me always. But I stay strong and agree because he says the only reason is to get it over with so we can have our future quicker (: I love him, his amazing! He was suppose to leave in about 2 months now its barely a month away if he does get it.

I spoke with my mother today and started crying just realizing how much we have to endure to get where we want, I support him a million times, and will be there till eternity but we do EVERYTHING together ! It will e hard but we both know why we do his.

I've been pretty strong about it. He has been working out. And I go with to encourage!

On a lighter note we went to see " a haunted house " funny movie. For a good life go see. We are movie junkie. Will I hope all is good with you girls!

Have a blessed day!
GGsoria28 GGsoria28
18-21, F
Jan 15, 2013