Earlier Leave Date :(

Hey ladies. So I have news my fiancé and I have been speeding as much time as possible. As many of you recommended Thankyou :)

But we recently got some news if he passes a validation on Monday he might leave earlier/: I'm not a big fan of that I want him here with me always. But I stay strong and agree because he says the only reason is to get it over with so we can have our future quicker (: I love him, his amazing! He was suppose to leave in about 2 months now its barely a month away if he does get it.

I spoke with my mother today and started crying just realizing how much we have to endure to get where we want, I support him a million times, and will be there till eternity but we do EVERYTHING together ! It will e hard but we both know why we do his.

I've been pretty strong about it. He has been working out. And I go with to encourage!

On a lighter note we went to see " a haunted house " funny movie. For a good life go see. We are movie junkie. Will I hope all is good with you girls!

Have a blessed day!
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Ok thats great thank you (:

Anytime! Don't hesitate to ask :)

Hey Aura how are you? I wanted to ask if you could please guide me in how the Deers program works? How you apply? Where? All on it you had told me once about it & would like to know please & also where do you get your ID? If we do it or he does it where he is?

Thank you (:

Aww how sweet. && yes all we have is to support them a million times stronger (: yes im getting prepared for writing do u know if they should go with stamps or what to take to bc?? Thanks ;)

Well they cant take anything other than their id their social and some papers the recruiters give them. Everything else will be either thrown away or taken away until they graduate. He will be able to buy stamps when they take them to the px (the store)

I have a very similar story. My boyfriend was supposed to go to bootcamp in 2 weeks , but he got a call and had to leave the 13th of January for bootcamp. It was very heartbreaking but I supported him 110%. I love him with all my heart and we did every single thing together. Right before he left we saw the move "A Haunted House" also. It was so funny. My stomach gets in knots because I know I can't talk to him I can only write letters. Just stay strong and know that this is better for your future together :)

Lol yes, I went to one of the pts as well an maybe 30 mins in I was like omg:o and I usually do well at the gym. They work them hard and for 2 hrs. How are you?

I know how it is to have their date moved up for sure! But in the end it was definitely worth it. That's good to encourage him to work out. I did a mini pt with the husband and dang was i sore for days!