As If He Were Gone Already

With just a week to go before my Marine is leaving for a pre-deployment training mission, things are rather difficult. We went into our last weekend with a fight that was solved only by the scheming and intervention of our respective best friends. We managed to patch things up as usual when we get to see each other. But then my hero fell sick as well with what I suspect is an attack of bronchitis (though he stubbornly says it's "just a little cold"). I got even less sleep than him on the weekend, staying up and changing cataplasms and blankets wet through with perspiration as he finally stopped coughing and fell asleep. Yesterday his buddy messaged me at night saying my Marine kept the entire barracks awake with his cough. But sure enough, today he wouldn't answer me when I asked how his "cold" was (nothing apart from the usual "I'm good"). It freaks me out at times when he just doesn't talk to me. He sort of admitted going into "deployment mode" and said he was sorry for becoming like that and "shutting me out". I am trying to keep it in mind and to just stay attentive and in touch but sometimes I rather feel like throwing a tantrum or simply starting to cry. In a way it's as if he were already gone :(
CarnationPink CarnationPink
31-35, F
Jan 16, 2013