Re-introduction And Huge Update! <3 :)

Hello again ladies, its been about a month since I have shared a story with you guys, but thats because I have been enjoying my time with my Marine! So he finished boot camp at MCRD San Diego on Dec. 21st. San Diego is beautiful! But the best part about going to SD was getting to see my man again... obviously! haha. Family Day with him was wonderful! I couldn't stop staring at him... I was in AWE of the changes in him. They were ALL positive changes; great ones! Anyways, due to the timing of his graduation, he has had a thirty day leave! Its been amazing having him here for so long before he heads back to San Diego for MCT; which is next monday. And since I was on christmas break from school, we have had the opportunity to really spend our time together and with friends/family. ohhhhhh! Im supposed to re introduce myself...

I am Melissa. I am in my last semester of nursing school (graduate in May) and I am seriously considering pediatric nursing after graduation. I love music and I love to sing! I was in choir during all of my school years growing up, but once I started college it became hard to fit in rehearsals. So ever since then I've devoted myself to my major, but I like to go to karaoke bars at least every 2 weeks ;) I met my Marine, Eddie, in high school (five years ago). We had kept in touch since graduating and then eleven months ago we started dating. BEST decision I have ever made! He is a wonderful man! So as my title states, I have a huge update.... WE'RE ENGAGED!!!!!!!!!! He proposed two days ago. It was first day of classes in this semester and he surprised me at school (while I was in class) in his dress blues and got down on one knee in front of everyone! I am sooooooo excited and anxious to marry my Marine and be the Future Mrs. Velasco!!!

So that's it! I hope you are all doing okay! For those of you going through distance from your marine right now... I know how you feel, but when he gets home... you will be glad that you waited! :)
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That's awesome news and i'm SO happy for you congrats!!

Congrats! That's lovely :)


Velasco with a "s", that sounds latin to me, where is his family from?

Yes its latin. His mom is from guatemala and his dad is from Columbia. And my family is from Mexico. Needless to say, our wedding will be filled with drinking and dancing. hahaha

and serenatas :)

hahaha. yes, Cant forget those.

How sweet!!! Congrats!!!

Congrats girl! And yay for last semester before that hard work pays off :)

Awww thats sooo cute i love the engament stories!! Congrats!!!