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So I have always loved my mom and gotten along really well with my mom. She was a great Mom. A single mom who busted her butt, and always treated my sister and I fairly and I have to admit she was the cool mom. But then this year she got married (around graduation for me). None of us really liked the guy (me and the other siblings).. We tried to voice this fact for her this guy was not a good match because she changed herself for him. Changed the music she listen to because he did not approve. Willing to quite her job and take a job paying a lot less to make him happy. He wants her to travel less and be less busy. If she does that she wouldnt be my mom... But she did not listen to our concern and married him anyway. Since then the family relationship has been strained. Which I hate. Well I came down to visit her...and I still see her changing and I dont like it. But tonight she crossed the line and I have lost a lot of respect for her. She told me a couple of time on the phone that she thinks one of the missionaries at this guys church would be great for me. At first I thought she meant just a friends. And since that missionary has lived I have not heard about it. But tonight while I was at her work waiting for her to get done so we can go work out together. She brought this guy up again and proceeded to show me pic of him on fb. (she is friends with him). Again I was trying to give her the benefit of the doubt she thinks this guy and I would be good friends.. But then she left no room for doubt and said didnt your coach say to date younger men. (Always a joke of his. Date younger men so your always the boss) Then she said although he may be to young. And then the next thing out of her mouth was how is Johnathan... (my boyfriend of over a year and my Marine). I was sooo mad I kind of wish my visit was over now. I mean how could she do this. I know she is not happy with my relationship...but I mean to do that tell me I should date some one or I would like some one else. I mean I was never so rude as to try and hook her up with some one else. I am just frustrated but If I bring this up Ill be the ***** according to my mom...
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My boyfriends mom is telling him to leave me and emails me about how great all his exes are. All because I don't let dogs on the couch. But anyways, we are all women. We all have our moments. I don't think she means ill, just tell her that you really love your man and how it made you feel and ask her nicely to not try and introduce you to other people. I think once she realizes how you feel she will respect that.

yeah I have tried...when she is like oh check out that guy...or this guy. I tell her I have a guy so I am not looking...and She has taken me out to dinner to have talk about how I should move on...and I thought then I got the point across I am in this relationship for a long time thing....(maybe forever) and then when I think she gets it she does stuff like she did last night. And I think the thing that gets to me the most is she does this and see it as okay but if I dont back this marriage of hers 110 percent I am a total ***** and ungrateful and need to leave the house

That's messed up. Id prob have snapped and told her that if you can pretend to support her marriage then she can pretend to support your relationship. IM NOT suggesting that you say that though. Lol why does she not support your relationship?

LOL yeah I would never say that...Think it though is a dif story I think it all the time lol... Idk because she is not in control of it is the only thing I can come up with. Like she has not met him yet and that gets under her skin...but its not my fault we started dating official after boot camp...and then he had school and then get sent right to Japan. I have only seen him a handful of times even though we have been dating for over a year. But yeah she likes being in control..and she has no say about this at all...so this is the only thing I can come up with.

Ooo my mom wasn't thrilled at first with my relationship either. I met Ryan 2 days before he left for 7 months. Once she met him it became a lot easier though. So just hang in there! Maybe once she meets him she will love him and things can get better!

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That is pretty messed up honestly. But sometimes its best to just say F$&@ it and don't let it keep ruining your day. My father In law told my husband ( then bf) to leave me because he would find more women once enlisted and he could have more fun. Parents really just dont get when they're crossing the line