Msg Duty

My marine has recently been selected for MSG duty. has anyone else gone through this or is going through it currently??
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Well yes, I can tell you some stuff about it. It is a good opportunity for him to expand his networking since he will be surrounded by diplomatics. I had a relationship with a Marine on that program and this is what I know: they are assigned to a US Embassy, normally one year to each (the program is 3 years) so in theory he will be living in 3 different countries during the whole period. He wont be on any danger if he is not assigned to a country in conflict. Depending of the country they could be a small group or a bigger group (my ex bf was in a team of 4, but then another friend of mine was in a team of 20). They will live all together at the Marine's house (depending of the rank) and they will be subject to a lot of rules but he will have a "normal" life meaning he can call you whenever he wants and after work time he is free to go out and do normal stuff; his schedule will be in rotation like one week mornings, the other afternoons and the last one nights. They have a curfew (he has to be back at the house by a certain hour), women can't be at the house longer than 0300, no women allow to sleep at the Marine's house and he can't sleep outside the house unless permission is granted from his supervisor.

That is all I can remember, if you have any other question, let me know!