Dr Today And Bad Anxiety

So today I'm going to the doctor because im still in pain from last week and my anxiety is back. I told Ryan I have to go to the doctors and that ill let him know how I'm doing after. Hoping I get some relief from the pain cause I couldn't sleep last night at all.
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2 Responses Jan 18, 2013

Hope your feeling better!!

Starting too but it will just take time

thats good news

Hope you feel better.

I should start to feel better. Had to see him cause my upper back and neck are still hurting bad

Whip lash?

Not really, I have back and neck and shoulder injuries from playing sports so they got aggravated when I got in my accident

Ohh ok

And It's bad cause I once strained my neck

Ok that's no good.

Non it's not but the good news it the medicine helped I was able to sleep

Thats good!

I know it was nice to get a good nights sleep and not feel the pain. I just wish I could actually talk to Ryan and let him know what's going on but it's so hard to get a hold of him

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