I'm Lacking In The Creative Area-help? :)

Okay ladies, it's less than a month from Valentine's Day.
Unfortunately my man won't be home for it. :(
I planned on surprising him by showing up in Cali. I had it all planned out with one of his buddy's wife. But things came up so now I can't...
But, I need ideas of things to send him!!!!
Preferably cheap!
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3 Responses Jan 18, 2013

So for our first anniversary I made my fiance a scrap book our our entire first year together. I havent made one since and it been over three years. Idk how long he has been in our how long he has been dating but you can make him a scrapbook of your marine relationship, start with bootcamp letters if you were together then, go until the present. Include pictures, letters, emails, cute quotes you like, things he may have said that you remember. Good luck

Make him cookies or cake in a jar, hit the dollar store for some cheap n cheesy valentines stuff and send pics, or do a scrapbook....that's just what came to my mind lol

that's a good idea!!!

awe my baby isn't going to be here for Valentines day either! I am clueless on what to send my marine. I was thinking a heart necklace & acard.