Uh so Jayson is done with field training this weekend. I heard that they are suppose to be getting their phones back. I am so nervous that they wont. Throughout bootcamp and so far in mct i have never gotten a call. He was allowed a couple calls in boot that he was forced to call his mom with. So far he has not gotten his phone back in mct. I have been waiting patiently for his field training to be over but now that its here i am so anxious. My ring volume is on full blast and everytime it rings i have a mini heart attack. If he doesnt call i will be so upset.
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Yes thats how i feel. Thats why am not getting excited to not get dissapointed...

My Marine is going to WOBC next week. I read all your stories about waiting for a call so I'm all: "baby! will you be able to call me or not?" He says he will call me everyday? since they let him keep his cell...I'll go crazy if he says he can and then can't haha

They let him have hia phone for nearly the entire first day so i thought maybe they werent gonna take them. But then that night around 9 i recieved a text that said baby they are taking the phones now im sorry. No call yesterday maybe today or tomorrow.