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Ok so jayson graduates on tuesday. I have heard that they have no time to visit with family which makes me unsure if i should go. My marine told me before he left not to go because it is such a long drive to oceanside for a two hour visit. I have heard that they get a family day the day before like at bootcamp grad. Is this true would it be worth the travel or should i wait till he gets settled in his mos school to visit him?
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I went to his mct/soi grad, mainly because my brother lived 30 min away so it wasn't much of a hassle. There is no family day and right after grad they only get like 1/2 hour 'free' time. However, that's barely enough time to get all their stuff together for the bus to the airport. For my hubby, they hurried to pack, then waited around for like an hour before they left. Marine motto "hurry up and wait" comes to mind. I wouldn't count on that being the same case for yours. Don't waste your money. Just save it, and maybe you can use that money to visit him while he's at BSG (if he's not just infantry).

Maybe I should know this but what is bsg, he is not just infantry, I know about bootcamp, mct, mos, deployments, pds, idk what bsg stands for.

BSG is the next stage of training after soi/mct. It's basically a more specific type of MOS school. Sorry, just so used to refering to it as that.

O thats ok. I got scared for a moment.

Oooohhh i read ur story and got scared i tho it was this tuesday. And sooryy to ask but how exctly do you know??? I mean my marines hasnt communicate with us. I mean his mom or mee

We have havent gotten any communication but they always graduate on the tuesday 29 days after they arrive. So if yoi look on the calendar and count sown four tuesdays there you have it. As far as what time or where exactly to be or if they get a family day for sure i have no clue. But urs will be that tuesday as well since he started on the first.

yeah thats what i was wondering. Hopefully he calls soon so will know for sure. Am waiting for his call also lets see what happens later.

My husband told me the same thing. That it was a waste of money and time. Basically as soon as they graduate they get ready to leave. So i didn't go. Id take his word for it

Ok thank you. I was just worried. Because of things ive heard. Just didnt want him to be alone while others are with family.

Ive never really heard of alot of families showing up. He will know your happy for him :)

Ok good so long as he isnt the odd one out.

Next tuesday i mean.