My Baby & I!

My baby & I were high school sweet hearts, we did everything together. We've been together almost 1.5. After graduation his goal was focusing on the marines. Till now on Jan the 7th he left to boot camp. I honestly feel as if I'm going crazy! I don't have my bestfriend 24/7. It's hard & frustrating! I honestly help & advice from you ladies! It's the beginning & it's so hard. Also I just found out that his mom received a letter & I haven't! Many thoughts are going through my mind :/ on why he didn't..
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I wouldn't stress it. They get very little time throughout all of bootcamp, but they get even less in the beginning. It took atleast three weeks to a month before I got my first letter and it was at max 8 sentences. Try not to get jealous of letters his mom gets, or calls it will drive you crazy. Just write him alot, stay positive in your letters. My marine memorized what my envelope looked like, he said he would get so excited when mail came and would look for my yellowish envelope and if it wasn't there he would get upset. So he will like getting letters from his mom but he will love getting letters from you. Stay Strong

Thank you so much :)
Your so right!

Don't worry about it. Even if it is a personal letter from him, the first letter should always be to his parents (mainly the mother) right? The boots are kept extremely busy during the day, and by the time their 'free time' comes round they are physically and mentally exhausted. That's an understatement if I ever saw one...Plus, sometimes they aren't given that much time between training and lights out. Just be patient. Send you letters as soon as you know his addy. They live for those letters.

Thank you very much :)
I'm just going to relax till I get something & write back to that.

Hey welcome! My name is aura :) No worries the first letter always goes to the parents but its just a generic letter that all parents get. Itll be a min until they actually get to send one. Just write him as much as possible because that's the one thing he will continuously look forward to

I thought they could write to anyone the first time they got the chance to. So they have to send one to the parents first? I feel so relieved, I thought it was because he was starting to forget about me!

Yeah its not even writen by them lol i think Its typed up. They only ask them to write the address on the envelope

But I asked his mother what if said & it did mention something about me?

Hmmm then i have no idea. I know that Bryans parents got a first letter but it wasn't anything major. But no worries just keep writing him :)

I haven't gotten a letter, so I just write stuff and when i get a letter from him i send it all at once?

If he wrote his parents then they should have his address to where you can send him your letters

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