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So the marines at camp p are done with field training. Have any girls that have marines at camp p mct heard from them. I have not but i heard that some people have already gotten calls home and that they get all sunday off. So possible good news to the ladies who are waiting for calls from mct.
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I Havent Heard Anything From My Marine. I Dont Know What Company Hes In Either. Last Time I Talked To Him Was The Night Of The 1St :'/ And All He Told Me Was He Loved Me And Hung Up Quick. And Thats It. I Been Hoping He Would Call On The Weekends But So Far Nothing. . .

Ya same here except it was a couple texts instead of call. He was texting me as they were gathering the phones. No luck so far today, maybe tomorrow. idk

Yeah he texted me for a while then he called before they took up phones and then texted me after he hung up so quick on me.

yes you see i think its all messed up because they have a lot of them right now. well at least that was the last i heard from my bf mother. The last thing he told me was he had to give his fone but never told me exctly when. also that every weekend they get off but i guess with out phones. soo idk am kinda confused right now.....

last Colin told me. there was ALOT of them and it would be 3 weeks without phones. that was last weekend. Ik things get switched up alot. but his mom told me to write him letters. that's all i got. Don't no if that helped at all.

Well what happened is they are booked up. A bunch of guys got put into waiting platoons, many didnt get a bed the first night or dinner. My fiance got in tho because he posted a picture next to his bed. Idk what is going on now. But my fiance's mother told me that some of the marines have called home already like India company, but they are all suppose to get tomorrow off, if that is with phones idk but i hope.

What company is he?

If he told you three weeks go with that, I would expect one if you got a call last weekend. The Marines im talking about have already gone through field training.

I do not know, which isn't helpful

yess well thank you for all your help heheh i think we were all lost.

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Really???? My marine told me it would be 2 more weeks before they got their phones back???

Well if your Marine left on the first then maybe. I cant guarantee I just know that, thats the case with mine. Many guys got put into waiting platoons, which start later and train for 21 days straight with no breaks instead of 29 days with weekends off. That could be his case. But if he went into field training 2 saturdays ago then you might get a call. Im starting to get nervous that a call wont come tho.